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When the police arrive, if you are still in touch with the emergency operator update them and hand the phone over to the police officer. He or she can tell them what their name and call sign is, because they will now take over from you acommand and contact point for the incident.

If you have any witnessemake sure that you point them out to the police officer. The emergency serviceare under strestoo, so make sure that they realise that thiperson or these people are potential witnesseand have vital information. If any witnessedid leave the scene, pason their detailto the police so that they can be tracked down and questioned before evidence ilost or forgotten.

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If you did all of that, congratulate yourself. Whether you get one or not, you earned a knighthood today for your bravery and clear thinking. You undoubtedly saved lives, prevented further injury, protected the scene and maybe collected vital witnesses.

When the emergency serviceare at the incident, stand back and let them do what they are trained to do. By all meanoffer assistance, but don’t get in the way.

When you are no longer required, or are ordered to go, seek medical care for any injurieyou may have then leave the area.

O Next Steps

Some people read a blog thoroughly from cover to cover, while otherskip through scanning sectionthat take their interest. Are you sure that while reading each section, you reviewed your life and travel planto identify potential vulnerabilities, threatand riskappropriate to you?

It may be worth your while to read through again, to make sure that you have identified and recorded all of the problemappropriate to you.

When you have recorded all of the relevant problems, you must review them, then define, prioritise, adopt and implement the countermeasureadiscussed in Chapter 1.

You have probably already started resolving some of the problemthat you have identified

Identifying security issues

Knowing what journey you are planning, and having thoroughly researched the destination, you will have identified those threats, vulnerabilitieand riskthat apply to you and your journey.

You should have listed them ayou identified them, then directed your research and planning to resolving them. Perhapafter researching the altitude sicknesproblemthat you could have in your chosen destination, you asked your doctor for advice. On hiadvice, you may have selected a new lower-altitude destination, but now you have to research that destination too.

It istill supposed to be a holiday, so don’t turn it into a tediouhigh-security military operation. At the same time don’t get killed on a jungle track because you didn’t check the Home Office website to see the warningabout armed criminaloperating around your holiday destination.

You should review your list of vulnerabilities, threatand riskand identify possible countermeasurethat will avoid, reduce or overcome them. Then you must consider each outstanding countermeasure, decide what actionare necessary to implement them and compile an action list.

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