There’s the whip of the day.

So the crews a whole lot smaller today Abby’s exhausted. So she is currently sleeping in, and Cody has something in his eye. And So he like can’t open his eye it’s like really inflated.

So he’s taking the day off as well then there was two of us the two strong ones yeah the only survivors we have no idea where we’re going like. I absolutely mean that we have no idea we’re looking for a waterfall we were told to go straight we definitely haven’t seen any straight road doesn’t matter where you go like anywhere in Southeast Asia the kids on the roads will just like stop what they’re doing the way. We’ve now asked about maybe ten people where the waterfall is.

But like no one speaks English. I just pulled over here hey guys hello right over there is a church, and it’s not interesting. Because most of Indonesia is actually Muslim this is like one of the few places that was actually colonized by Western culture the dutch hype colonize here in flores.

And So that’s why there’s a christian influence go you got homies everywhere oh wait no we’re eh this is going down as one of my top five bike rides like incredibly well paved roads it’s perfect temperature right now, and this guy is pretty much like turning black right now. Because we’re about to get hit with a master. I just absolutely like.

And I can see only great this could be our lives man we might be stuck here. I don’t yeah lightning just struck right there, and it shook the house. I can feel vibrations coming off here like normally subpages ten minutes 50 minutes.


We’ve been here for like 20 minutes, and it is getting pulled over very thing ladies – that’s like the anaconda of worms Fona anaconda like at least like 14 16 inches long time for the boys to get on the road again the skies are clearing up the lightning, and the Thunder you can actually still hear it was like going down the hill. So into the valley area we were looking down before. We’ve been in here for like an hour yeah.

We’ve just been shelling using my hot spot yeah thank goodness for his hot spot we’re trying to survive out here amen this is one of the few times that. I can actually say. I’m a bit chilly here in Southeast Asia okay so.

We’ve made another stop at a banana Shack. And I flew my drone here you like you like the drone right she really like the drone she doesn’t know who, and it that’s your mom right yes has she seen a drone before it was that her first time seeing the drone okay yeah when I just ordered a mocha thank you.

So much fantastic. I like donuts yeah make America great again my right dealers yeah he likes Hillary Clinton supporter yeah bye guys. I’m gonna fall noggin, and we’re on the road this will take us to the waterfall apparently look at this thing pretty Rock is pretty rough every one of the locals.

We’ve talked to has given us a different story. We’ve heard it takes an hour, and a half to get you from here. We’ve heard ten minutes we were at three climbers like everyone it’s giving us different answers we like haven’t seen a single tourist all day.

But the coolest thing is, and it’s kind of similar to the Philippines as the locals here are so friendly. I mean they will stop whatever they’re doing, and they take.

So much interest in making sure that you’re doing well you’re happy they’re very very friendly people. I’m very happy to be travelling through kind of the outskirts of Indonesia. I’m really enjoying this all right guys.

We’ve arrived at which is a two chapulin room table Cheung Chau vu lung, and it costs us a hundred thousand to get in. So he is our guide for today what’s your name Connie Connie’s we were just talking to a couple of Tours who have just come down from the hike it’s 30 minutes there 30 minutes back. But they were saying that.

Because the rainfall was. So powerful. And So strong they weren’t even able to see the waterfalls.

Because there’s like a river that’s formed across the path. So Josh we’re gonna be doing some swimming. I think we’re gonna get there right we’ll make it yeah yeah okay perfect chicken life we can film chickens all day we don’t have to see the waterfalls Kristen this is what they come here for people into the we’ll d-do you bring your full room not even Bear Grylls has set foot in here outfit of the day white Nikes horrible call look at the cow whoa whoa Buffalo just relaxing day off to meet a yeah the the Buffalo really likes just chill out huh just having a spa day.

I would definitely like to jump in with him dev just entered the tropical rainforest dude why did. I wear these shoes. I think we have just about made it Oh what do we got looked a lot bluer in the brochure.

So it basically looks like a giant mudslide behind me here. Because of the crazy rainfalls we had about two hours ago. But the guide says the waterfall is further up.

So I guess this isn’t it that’s good for me. Because waterfall all right whoa definitely not the most hype waterfall either of us have ever been to it’s a beautiful waterfall but. I’m just not sure.

I’m falling for it that’s ten thousand for a liter yeah. So for about 75 cents us or a dollar Canadian we’re filling up the tanks for one liter want to see how darkness. I am how really evil.

I am watch watch my senses Wow like deflates what yeah let me show you look at that look at my darkness. I pink something. I kill it as soon as.

I touch it this. I just to flip you guys think. I’m crazy whoa flowers oh how we doing Josh really bad.

I’m dying, and Ike tell me. I’m dying here you okay. I’m dying help me he’s got about a two-hour ride ahead of us but.

I’m. So excited to get back on the bike. I just want a cool-down.

I want to relax. I like bike riding. I don’t like hiking through humid weather just chill with the squad it’s like Sun showers right after a really tough hike back.

I’m exhausted my shirt has changed colors. I’m sweating right through it. But what a day it’s been honestly the waterfall was like the destination.

But it’s been about the journey it’s been about getting here, and we’re surviving barely this is just an unbelievable moment right now it is. So beautiful oh the Sun has peaked through the sky is like opening up, and we are going to get a beautiful sunset today this road alone has made this place in my top 5 motorcycle rides slash scooter rides of all time like. I’m just having the best time right now ripping down the hill we’re going zigzagging through the mountains the temperature is perfect these are the days.

I travel for other rains cleared, and you can actually see all the way to the other side of the island how’s your day been been amazing manager Nene it’s almost a journey get exactly yeah you got me fam got you brah my hot like took off. I kicked it with my busses denarian on the guy picked it up it was crazy that’s teamwork alright. So I didn’t really record a whole lot on the way back.

But guys take my word for it it was one of the moments that’s better off left lived rather than recorded we went through some of the most beautiful green pastures. I mean there was rice field there was mountains there was. So many different things that were making my mind say fly your drone fly your drone.

But if. I had done that. I wouldn’t have like been totally immersed in the situation the moment.

So I held off all impulses, and by the way when you start blogging that becomes a very natural impulse everything you do you want to record you want to film but I held off. And I just enjoyed the ride home it was.

So beautiful how’d you find the ride Josh, and best ride. I’ve ever had in Bali, and or this island. I guess best best moped ride in general.

So far every yoyoyo fat stacks. I just took out 3 million from the ATM machine. Because tomorrow is gonna be a really good day um oh the day yay let’s go how hey you’re not doing your homework get back.

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