Travel to Mexico City Valley of Mexico

Our criterion for selecting each location has several requirements. First, there must be a buffet of insatiable young women available, in an easy access, friendly environment. Second, it has to be a tropical climate. There are many desirable locations that could have been included, but weather and price eliminate them. For example, Russia is an oasis of supermodels, but with sub zero freezing temperatures and gold plated women, we’re gonna have to pass.

Third, we want cities with a superior local sports scene, including gorgeous world ranked golf courses, Big Game Sport Fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, casinos, as well as jogging on nude beaches. We include any interesting sightseeing jaunts to entertain you a few hours in each locale. After all, we’re not just porn stars, it’s nice to venture out to experience a little bit of the country and its culture. For sightseeing tours, we recommend the hottest, young female you can find, and we’ll give you the tips and tricks on how to arrange this with little effort and plenty of reward.

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Is it worth traveling across the globe for women? Let’s do a quick test. Go to your favorite nightclub in America, walk up to the hottest 18 year girl you can find, and offer her S50.

The Hedonist shows you how to enjoy unforgettable adventures with Asian and Latin American women at some of wildest places on the planet. These aren’t just vacations, they’re life changing experiences. You will be seeing and doing things that will be impossible to explain. So enjoy your research, grab a beer, and book your flight. It’s time for you to live the life of a rock star, and fulfill every erotic fantasy you can imagine.
The women are ready and waiting. Don’t disappoint them…

Imagine someone approaches you with a business offer that has no potential financial return, and proposes a fifty percent chance of losing half your net worth in a few years. This is what every man faces when getting married. It’s Russian roulette. The Western culture has adapted to an onslaught of feminism, lawyers, and the divorce industry, creating a new breed of women. Instead of being seductive and feminine, the women have adopted a personality that’s impetuous, opinionated, and blatantly arrogant. Western women want all the benefits of being equal, without sharing equal responsibility. The essence of being a woman has left the culture. The hottest ladies have become cash registers with legs. Sex is a negotiating tool to be used in direct proportion to whatever material goods or status they receive in return. Kind of like a call girl who refuses to put out. Not to mention all the drama and baggage they carry around. Married men are reduced to being a slave, psychologist, and a bottomless ATM machine. Like Sam Kinison said, “women are one imaginary crisis away from a complete nervous breakdown, and just looking for a guy to blame it on.”

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