Travel Advice And Advisories For Istanbul Turkey

Acclimitisation – countermeasures

In the absence of any other guidance, the basic rulebelow will help a healthy adult to achieve the safest and most efficient acclimatisation.

✓ Make your way slowly to altitude, travelling from sea level by car if possible to 3,000 metre(10,000 feet), then slowly walk to higher altitudes, taking your time and stopping to acclimatise when you need to.

Avoid flying or driving direct to altitudeof over 3,000 metre(10,000 feet). The body will require a longer time to recover from the transition from sea level, and will take longer to acclimatise.

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When travelling to altitudeabove 3,000 metre(10,000 feet), don’t climb more than 300 metre(1,000 feet) per day.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Istanbul Turkey

Aim to ascend by an average of 300 metre(1,000 feet) per day.

Take at least one full rest day (and night) for every 900 meter(3,000 feet) you ascend.

If you begin to show symptomof altitude sickness, descend.

If symptompersist or increase, descend further and seek urgent medical assistance.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Istanbul Turkey

In a group (you should never be travelling alone), remember that different people will acclimatise at different rates. Just because a group leader feelwell enough to go on after half a day, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the group haacclimatised yet.

✓ American research showthat people travelling in a group are actually more likely to die of altitude sicknesand complicationthan single traveller(probably because people who travel in a group don’t want to hold up the group or don’t want to appear weak, so they agree to carry on when they are not really ready). When travelling in a group, make sure that everybody iready and agreeto move. Keep a close eye on all group members.

Climbing to altitude and then waiting to acclimatise often leavepeople dehydrated. Aim to drink at least five or six pintof water each day.

Avoid alcohol.

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