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What up guys today’s blog has been very uninteresting. I have just been editing all day like literally from 11:00 to 4:00 now it’s 4:00.

I just submitted my post guys saying before awkwardly open the elevator door to see two people in there is that. I just finished my post hello GoPros actually selecting a winner guy you know we got a free slackline. I don’t know why the heck.

I need a slackline. But it’s free. So I’m gonna go get one.

I also have three flip-flops we basically done nothing today other than edit like. I’ve got nothing blog worthy that happened this morning what about you Molly are we up to today yeah that’s really good inspirational the person who let it has like the 1.8 million followers give her a little tag you a little mention she got she doesn’t need you mention she doesn’t need do that time let’s go claim our slack lines it’s become professional slackliner sweet fun nice they’re out us can.

I try it. So I can’t try it man can you try, and show us that’s. So fun how many ladies do you get using that.

So today’s actually gonna be one of the busier days here in Vail. Because the GoPro Mountain games is kind of like a festival. So there’s people handing out stuff there’s dogs comments while you’ll see dogs everywhere there’s yoga there was a five kilometer mud run which.

I didn’t do today. Because I edited me she has a blog to check it out my so-called mission labor it’s pretty great mission beaver oh he’s ambitious he’s here to win he’s like what are you doing today you’re claiming your slackline we could have a slackline party later. So that’s what you can do with a slackline not me.

But some people can hello. I’m here to claim my slackline. I can already think okay.

I’m busted. I’m pretty sure the title of this blog is gonna be. I got a free slap on.

I have free sandals with super feet boys thought ahead super feet. So the atoms will never be replaced in my heart. But these are very comfy we’re out of free vouchers there’s.

Travel to COLORADO Photo Gallery

So many dogs the GoPro demo case G Omni it’s the 3d chiz. So they basically just hook up a bunch of cameras together that’s virtual reality. So you put that hits it on.

I saw him speaking to his camera, and like that doesn’t normally happen he’s also a blogger my blogger at home he’s we leap in this room, and we go downstairs, and find out if. I win a MacBook GoPro is starting it off early like 5:00 we’re getting drinks we got beers champagne wine look at this GoPro set up it’s got a rode mic spotlight there’s something really important to do right it seems gonna take have my babies thank you very much alright guys. So I just got back to the room, and as we saw.

I did not win the laptop. But the posts that were submitted, and the phones were awesome we’re gonna go grab some dinner now. And I just found out now that my shuttles leaving at 6 a.

M. which is not ideal there’s on dogs on dogs forecast let’s go look at this guy holy moly guacamole that’s actually the prettiest lit sky. I’ve ever seen this is like the most surreal sky.

I’ve ever seen fernanda’s impress did someone say adventure no no instead of mining something for Amanda do you get sunsets like this in Mexico yeah you do yeah. So you’re not even impressed no. I am okay you impressed you heard it here first guys she’s impressed Molly on the other hand she doesn’t even get sunlight, and in the UK we basically see like greatness moaning it’s encouraged accent the most lit sky.

I’ve ever seen where’s your toy rainbow above the mountain 20 influencers up on a hill with a sunset it’s like 18 cameras going on to the camera yeah pretty much including the GoPro mount games here most people actually went to bed hey world does bear Kiwi they’re spelled be a re oh. I don’t have it here anyways yeah there we go. But uh let’s go across New Zealand together.

I actually want to do New Zealand really soon like. I’m debating between Australia don’t even joke about a threat it’s full of like kangaroo nights that’s true Jalen’s balloons are no sheep yeah exactly. I used to live that.

I used to live unlike last night no one has any energy today everyone’s go to bed baby hands what an amazing four days it’s been here for the GoPro Mountain games GoPro you have treated us like kings, and queens thank you very much yes, and princess it looks like the party’s just at the hotel yes we gotta be friends now okay Molly this is the part where you got kicked out of my series bye Molly bye guys the GoPro Mountain games have come to a conclusion for me said it a couple times. But GoPro really blew me away with the way they’ve treated us with the fun activities they’ve set up for us tomorrow morning. I’ve got an early shuttle.

I’ve got to be up before like 5:30 to catch a six o’clock shuttle, and then it’s back to Vancouver. And I’ve not been home in over three months. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun to catch up with friends, and catch up on work.

I’ve fallen behind on my blogs. I’ve got a lot of highlight blogs highlight reels they’re not blogs posts that, I’ll be spending you know three to four days per post to finish. So I’m gonna have to take a hiatus from blogging for a certain amount of time just to work on those projects maybe, I’ll turn it into like a weekly update blog.

But that’s kind of the schedule for the next couple of weeks, and then. I go to the Caribbean. So that’s the end of the blog Thank You GoPro have a good night you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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