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Summer is just about to hit its final chapter, but don't worry”there is still plenty of time for you to go out there and have the time of your life. We've come up with a short list of ideas that will help fellows who haven't enjoyed a nice holiday this summer but desperately crave one. And if you already have been on a short vacation; a second one never hurt nobody. But be careful; these ideas are not your typical holiday ideas.

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These will provide an unforgettable, unique experience that will never leave your memory.

Rent a boat. It is summer, after all. You know what they say; every summer needs its memories. And the best way to do that is by renting a boat for you and your fellows. The fresh air and you being surrounded by a water surface is guaranteed to relax you and make you forget about your everyday life in the busy city. Your adrenaline will rise up, you'll get pretty excited about a new adventure in your life and you'll definitely lose up a little bit. Many touristic destinations have developed special websites where a boat owner lists his boat for any tourist that is interested in renting it. Boat rental fees in the 2014 season are moving around $300 per day and that's for the really nice boats.

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Sailing. Just imagine it”you and your friends enjoying a good drink, laughing and appreciating an excellent atmosphere. This type of short vacation is guaranteed to adjust your mood and bring the optimistic you when you get back to your daily job and everyday chores. If you are interested in renting a sailboat”the same process follows. You can go online, check out what you like and what you don't, contact the owner and you are done! Some people find sailing to be very relaxing and go a little bigger; they buy a sailboat for around $300, 000. Whatever you do”satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Water bungalows. Okay, this one is just awesome. Water bungalows are perfect for people who are looking for something creative, unique and are bored of staying at a hotel. Every touristic destination has one of these, and it's pretty clear why. Tourists that want an escape from everyday problems and place to relax, but are tired of visiting the same clich© environment over and over again find water bungalows to be the best thing that happened to them. Thanks to the internet these days, water bungalows are very easy to find. Just like in a hotel; booking is the answer. You go online, you search for a water bungalow in the area that you are interested in, make a phone call, find out more and you make a reservation. Prices vary between $3, 000 and $3, 500 per night but the experience is priceless.

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Cruise. You've seen music videos, you know how this works. You and your friends cruising in the middle of the ocean while drinking a glass of the finest champagne”perfect, right? We don't need to tell you how much a yacht can change your life; we want you to find out for yourself. Buying or renting a used or a brand new yacht is easy as going to a website that offers boat renting and finding the one that matches your taste. Yacht renting costs around $15, 000 for you to rent the yacht for a whole week and you can bring up to 10 people to join the party with you. Amazing, right?

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Another boat. Don't worry; this idea is pretty much nothing like the one we had above. Yes, it's still about a boat but hear us out”a boat that does not move. Interesting, right? Well, instead of moving the boat in the middle of the ocean you can leave it anchored and you don't have to work the boat. You can stay on the shore and do every single thing you'll do on a moving boat”but this way, you'll definitely feel safer and you'll know that your house is just blocks away but you won't feel like it. Your friends, family and your town will be at your touch but you'll definitely feel like you are cruising in the middle of an ocean. The same process goes as for our first idea. Many boat owners feel more than comfortable with leaving their boat on the shore.

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So, what do you think? Did you find some of our ideas fun and do you think some of them suit your wild spirit? If you decide to go on one of these vacations; you will not regret it. Ideas like these provide a unique experience that will be stored in your memory forever and you'll have something to tell your friends and family about. Perfect for adventure seekers; these vacations will bring the best out of your summer. So, what are you waiting for? Rent that boat, book that bungalow, buy some food and drinks and get your friends with you”the summer fun is about to start. Thank you for reading.

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