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Build Abroad’s Nepal program is perhaps its most unique. The program focuses on post-disaster relief efforts from the 2015 earthquake that hit near Kathmandu, which is where the volunteer center is. Most of the work, however, takes place in small rural villages in the Himalayan Mountains on the outskirts of the city. Volunteers are welcome to come back to Kathmandu on the weekends and explore. Some volunteers even make it all the way out to Mount Everest on Nepal’s eastern border!
1 Week (Not Available)
2 Weeks – $740 (cost per week: $370)
3 Weeks – $970 (cost per week: $323)
4 Weeks – $1,200 (cost per week: $300)
2 Months – $2,350 (cost per week: $293)
3 Months – $3,250 (cost per week: $270)

(Even longer options are available on the Build Abroad website)

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