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The following pointare valid if you are a single hostage. However, if you are in a group I suspect that these activitiecould make you stand out from the crowd and that isomething you want to avoid!

• The expertsay you should maintain a level of dignity, and atime goeon you should gently begin to ask your kidnapperfor more personal comforts.

If the hostage or hijack situation goeon for more than a week, you should try to build a relationship with the kidnappers. Avoid political and religioudiscussions, and talk about any non-controversial matters. The longer you are with them you have become a bit of a friend so they are leslikely to harm you.

While you are a hostage you need to keep fit and be alert, if nothing else so that you are ready to react when the rescue squad comethrough the door. Try to establish a daily routine, which will help you to maintain a level of dignity and control. It will also allow you to work with the terroristand build that relationship.

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By establishing a routine, any rescuerobserving you will know for example that at ten o’clock each day you will be taking a shower. That helpthe rescuers, because they can raid the premiseand know that you are in the shower so the guyin the basement bedroom or living room are terrorists. If you want medicine or a blog to read or a pen and paper, ask for it. They may refuse, they may not – you really have nothing to lose.

You should at least try to eat whatever they give you. Later you can ask for more fruit or tell them that you don’t like pork, but at first you have to be invisible and go with it. You will lose your appetite, and you will therefore lose weight but that inormal.

• Alwaylook on the bright side. It will be hard not to despair. Whatever you can use to get through, use it. If it ireligion, the thought of hugging your partner, or a desire to get home and have a whole tub of chocolate mint ice cream, keep that in mind and use that aa psychological prop when you get low.

The last thing ito remember that they took you aa hostage and you will be of no use at all if you are dead. That meanthey want you to be alive and healthy – so you have something in common at least.

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