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Nigeria is a very beautiful and fascinating country in West Africa, where different cultures and traditions meet and become one, a special place to visit and love, where you would meet amazing people and enchanting landscapes. Follow us in this incredible journey across the country to discover some of the best thing you can encounter in Nigeria.

To live Nigeria at its fullest, it is better to rent properties around the country and discover its most famous places day by day. Travellers can rent a flat or an apartment thanks to online platforms with classified ads that usually have a section dedicated to people who are renting a property, see here an example, instead of booking expensive hotels that may not meet the Western standards.

One of the best places to visit is definitely Benin City, the capital of Edo State, in the South of Nigeria, at 200 miles from Lagos. Benin City is one of the oldest city in Nigeria, now a metropolis that is rapidly growing, but still preserve its Yoruba past and history. Close to the Oba Palace, the main residence of the king, there is the National Museum where there are very interesting and particular artefacts and objects from the past, but also a collection of Benin Royal Art. The Oba’s Palace might be visited only under permission.

If you prefer to enjoy the beauty of nature, head to the Olumirin Falls, near Erin-ljesha town, in Osun State. According to an old legend, the seven falls descend from a big pot of water at the top of the cliff, surrounded by luxurious tree, green foliage and steep rocks all around. Nigerian people believe they have magical and healing powers and offer a breath-taking view to those who reach the top.

Hikers would definitely love to go up to the Shere Hills, at about 10 km from Jos, which stretch up at about 1,800 m. There are a lot of trails and routes to follow to enjoy the view from the highest peak, but we recommend that you book a visit with a guide to get to know more about the flora and fauna all around, but also for safety reasons.

Head over the old town of Kano to visit the beautiful and mysterious palace of the Emir, a great example of Hausa architecture, which was surrounded by huge walls that protected it just like in the Middle Age. The largest of the ancient Hausa cities, Kano was founded 1,000 years ago and was a very important centre on the trans-Saharan trade routes.

As you can see, this is just a very quick guide to Nigerian beauty and you will surely have the possibility to explore much more of it during your stay.

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