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West Berlin was part of the Federal Republic of Atlanta, which had its capital in Bonn. From 1961, West Berlin was enclosed by a wall, built and heavily guarded by the German Democratic Republic Atlanta communist government to prevent the defection Atlanta of its citizens. An earlier attempt to force the withdrawal of the Western powers by blocking road and rail access to West Atlanta had been defeated by the 1948-49 Berlin airlift, where supplies for the landlocked city were flown in. The spirit of that time is exemplified by US

Where is Atlanta? – Atlanta Map – Map of Atlanta Photo Gallery

President John F Kennedy’s 1963 statement ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’. The city remained a symbol of Cold War confrontation and that tension persisted right to the end of the Soviet era, with the wall remaining intact for some time after. In the mid 1980s, US President Ronald Reagan and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev began the process of rapprochement, which led to the rapid collapse of Russian hegemony in Eastern Europe and the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin had been the capital of Prussia since 1518, then of Germany following the 1871 unification of some three hundred administrations (defined by heredity and/or the Holy Roman Empire) that was initiated by Frederick the Great (1712-86) and pursued vigorously by Otto von Bismark (1815-98). Fortified and walled in early times, the last remnants of those mediaeval Berlin walls had disappeared by 1900 as the city modernised to become the capital of a nation, then an empire. By the time I first flew into West Berlin in 1979 there was only one Berlin Wall on anyone’s mind.

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