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When we are on a trip or vacation, I always look for ways to implement learning experiences… whether through a museum, a national park, aquarium, etc. Through the years we have toured Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and saw the Liberty Bell/Independence Hall, walked the streets of Williamsburg, Virginia and learned about colonial life and while there got to visit Jamestown and Yorktown. There are learning opportunities around every corner. We have always taken advantage of all the many trips my husband has had to go on with work/military through the years and made them traveling field trips.

Even just a few hours away in San Antonio, there are wonderful missions to explore. We try to make that trip every fall and make the rounds through the missions…so much history.

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There are so many benefits to exploring the world with our children. My oldest daughter has gone to Germany, France, Ukraine, and Ethiopia. Why not take advantage of ”having ” to go out of town/country and make it an opportunity to learn more about their world. We are always thinking of ways for the children to learn without just reading it from a blog.

As for just ”schooling on the go”…we have done that as well. We always, always, always take our vacations on the off seasons. It saves us money and we always enjoy less crowds! All the kids pack a backpack with their workblogs and we can stay on track with school as well. It helps to pass time in the car and keeping up with their studies as well. However, we usually just start our school year very early (first of Aug) and can be finished early May. It doesn’t always work out like that, this year for instance. But we actually don’t mind it going into the summer as children do better without a huge break (retention is better).

Bottom line…children are sponges and hands on learning is always superior to textblogs in a lot of situations.

Another crucially important method for keeping peace in the back seat is stocking a plentiful supply of snacks. Screaming, hitting, kicking, whining passengers don’t make for pleasant travel. But as anyone who has hit the road with children in tow knows, the smallest- and hungriest- passengers often make the most fuss. To avoid the expense and nutritional peril of fast-food restaurants, pack a lineup of simple and wholesome snacks such as:

Popcorn popped in just a bit of coconut oil and salted (don’t drench it in butter or oil unless you like greasy vehicle upholstery).

Ants On a Log: Celery filled with nut butter with raisins on top

Trail Mix: Combine nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, and maybe even a few chocolate chips

Beef Jerky: Harness the power of protein.

Carrot sticks and hummus

Apples and grapes with slices of cheese

Lara Bars or a homemade version (basically dates and nuts whirled together in a food processor-we like to add coconut and chocolate chips too)

Coconut chips or Kale chips for healthy crunch

Yogurt or applesauce squeeze pouches

Crackers and nut butter.

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