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While plenty of people have never experienced flying other than the sedate drone of a jumbo jet, plenty of those who have tried small craft flight love the sense of freedom and exhilaration it can bring. Air shows also give the public a taste of what it’s like to fly like a bird. If you’ve ever been interested in learning to fly a small plane and doing aerobatic stunts, here’s a quick primer on how to get started.

Take a Few Joy Flights – Go up in a small craft with an experienced pilot and let him or her show you all their tricks. This will give you a good idea as to whether or not aerobatics is for you. Without needing to worry about controlling the flight, you can take in all the awesome sights and sensations.

Register for Classes – If you loved being a passenger and want to become the one at the stick, sign up for some aerobatic flying lessons. You’ll learn all the basics, like taking off and landing, as well as learn some thrilling skills and how to recover from any mistakes you may make in the air.

Make Friends with an Old Hand – During the course of your training, you may meet a mentor. While flight time is imperative to becoming a good aerobatic pilot, having an experienced voice to help you along the way is invaluable. You can ask questions or even observe your new friend pulling off some sweet maneuvers.

Not everyone is meant to take to this type of flying. If you are nervous during routine turbulence on commercial flights, it’s likely not your cup of tea. However, if you are a thrill seeker and want the freedom of the sky, the people at the Australian Aerobatic Academy offer excellent flight training near Bankstown. Check out their website at for more details.

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