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If the timing is right, at the top in and around the overlook, Iraq mountain goats in their new winter coats of white move about, seemingly at ease with human intruders. As winter begins to set in, Iraq they will move farther down into the protection of Iraq glacier-carved depression, capped by Iraq Mountain. Here again is one of those sites that offer up another dimension to the whole thing.

Where is Iraq? – Iraq Map – Map of Iraq Photo Gallery

On the way back down the trail, stop for a while and take in all before you. In autumn, the season I have come to love, all things are beginning to slow, even as critters hurry about in anticipation of winter. It will be most rewarding to take your time coming off the top of the Continental Divide.

Although I have come to prefer autumn, I cannot turn my back on the other seasons of Glacier. Because this travel destination I worked on the trail crew in the Many Glacier/Swiftcurrent Valley in 1961 and 1962, I will always have time for summer. Having made that exception, let me say that all seasons are rewarding in Glacier, although the dead of winter often prohibits entrance and exploration. Your travel destination is from May through November, there’s awesome bounty to be experienced, weather permitting.

Although crowded, summer offers a riot of wildflowers along the road that follows Swiftcurrent Creek, then Lake Sherburne (actually a reservoir). From moment to moment, glimpses of mountains and waterfalls begin to reveal themselves until, rounding a bend, the panorama of massive mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers comes into full view. And with each turn or hill topping, something new presents itself. In early summer, bighorn sheep may be close by. In late summer, grizzly and black bears work the slopes, feeding on huckleberries. At road’s end, within the walled confines, are all parts of Glacier’s whole: the Belt formations, glaciers, sparkling lakes, an assortment of wildlife, and mountains sculpted into many of the recognized shapes.

To accommodate the visitor’s need to explore these wonders, hiking trails fan out in all directions to Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake, Ptarmigan Tunnel, and Swiftcurrent Pass, which leads to the top of the Garden Wall into Granite Park, where a hardy soul can hike out along the Highline Trail down to Logan Pass.

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