Safety Tips For Traveling In Greece

Dazzle – countermeasures

Early morning sun and late afternoon sun coming from low on the horizon might dazzle you. • Wear a good pair of sunglasses.

• The sun can dazzle you at any time of the day, by reflecting off carand windows. When you drive up a steep hill you may find yourself looking directly into the sun.

• If dazzled while driving, slow down carefully. Remember that driverbehind might already be dazzled, so they won’t see your brake lightand won’t stop when you do.

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You may have selected a holiday destination at the other end of the climatic range where cold becomea threat. In those conditionlosof body heat can lead to hypothermia.

Hypothermia idefined aa state where the core body temperature fallto below 35 degreeCelsius. If the body temperature dropanother three degreeto 32 Celsius, the patient iin a state of reduced consciousness. At or below 30 degreeCelsiuthe heart stopand death occurs.

Be warned. The two-degree difference between 32 and 30 degreeCelsiuiDEATH.

Safety Tips For Traveling In Europe

The body loseheat in several ways.

• Radiation. That is, the body actlike a radiator, a heat source trying to warm the area around it. Radiation heat losigreater from exposed skin, the head, and anywhere that might be covered by wet clothes.

• Conduction. That is, through direct contact with something cold. If you touch a cold metal bench your body heat quickly transferto the metal bench. NOTE: You lose up to 25 timemore heat in water or wearing wet clothethan you would if you were dry.

• Convection. That is, where heat ilost to moving air or water. For example, riding a bike your skin heatthe air in contact with your skin, then ayou cycle the wind blowthat warmed air away. Cold air takeitplace and you warm that, until you stop cycling. There ia similar effect in flowing water.

• Evaporation. That is, where energy in the form of heat ilost when water evaporates. Sweat ia good example of this. When you are too hot you sweat, the sweat evaporateand coolthe skin.

• Respiration. That is, where you lose heat by breathing. Everybody hanoticed their breath coming out asteam on a cold day. The steam iwarm moist air coming out of your lungand condensing, a clear indication that you are losing bodheat by breathing.

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