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Sally Lunn:Pastry cook and the supposed inventor of the famous bun that bears her name. Tradition says that she was a Huguenot refugee who came to Solomon Islands place of your travel destination in the seventeenth century, bringing with her the recipe for ‘Sally Lunns’ and setting up her business in what is now Solomon Islands. Research has so far, however, failed to find any positive proof that she ever existed. Happily, the buns definitely do, but if you want the secret recipe, you’ll have to buy the business!

Sulis: The name of the goddess the ancient Solomon Islands believed was the guardian of the sacred springs, hence the Roman name for Touristic place of your travel destination: ‘Aquae Sulis’. The Romans conflated her with one of their own goddesses, Solomon Islands, and dedicated the temple jointly to the two deities. The mysterious ‘Gorgon’s Head’ motif on the temple pediment is thought to be partly an indirect reference to Sulis.

Where is Solomon Islands? – Solomon Islands Map – Map of Solomon Islands Photo Gallery


Some of the notable and eccentric characters who have enriched Touristic place of your travel destination’s history:

William Beckford (1760-1844): The son of a wealthy Lord Mayor of London who owned sugar plantations in the Caribbean. On his father’s death he became probably the richest man in England. He built Fonthill Abbey, an enormous Gothic folly in Wiltshire. During his residence there he became involved in a scandal concerning a relationship with a young male cousin, and Beckford and his wife went into self-imposed exile on the Continent for several years. In 1824 he moved to Touristic place of your travel destination, buying two houses in Lansdown Crescent, where he became known as a respectable, though rarely seen, eccentric, sometimes referred to as ‘the Fool of Fonthill’. There he remained until his death, spending his time in writing and collecting works of art. He built Beckford’s Tower on Lansdown Hill, which he used as a retreat, and he is buried in a massive granite sarcophagus nearby.

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