What is up you guys my name is Kristian LeBlanc. And I’m a travel blogger from Vancouver Canada over the past two years. I’ve spent roughly four months in Thailand, and it is by far one of my favourite countries now let’s cut right to the chase number one on the list is Koh Tao ko Tao has everything you’re looking for from beautiful resorts to nightlife to the world’s most beautiful beaches.

So we watched the sunset from the viewpoint, and it is paradise here English now it’s so incredible you guys never come to hotel make sure you come to the lookout point here it is it’s John Swan lookout point despite the horrible name this truly is one of the best things that you’ll do in hotel, and it wouldn’t be a trip to hotel without your stereotypical fire dances on the beach also really big uncle towel is the pub crawl, and the pub crawl goes on three or four times a week. So you really can’t miss it it’s a great way to meet other backpackers, and they even take you to a ladyboy cabaret show if that’s your thing it probably is there’s really no better souvenir than a second-degree burn.

So make sure to try all the different fire activities if you’ve been thinking about getting your diving license hotel was the place it is the second cheapest place in the world to get your Pattie, and it’s not a bad place to do it it’s definitely not going to be the best dive sites in the entire world. But it’s pretty good also keep an eye open for grumpy cat my second highest recommendation is going to kalonzo koh lanta is a bit of a couples island it’s a little bit sleepy. But it’s extremely beautiful, and there’s one activity in particular that you must do, and that is the for island tour in koh lanta during that day trip we saw some of the most beautiful islands, and beautiful water I’d ever seen in my entire life don’t believe me here’s a post of me taking my shirt off in slow motion at one point of the tour they even take you through this massive tunnel we’re on the other side you get to a lagoon where pirates are said to have hidden their treasure our my third recommendation is go up north in Thailand, and see the elephants the elephants are some of the most beautiful animals in the entire world, and there’s truly nothing more incredible than standing right next to one of these creatures is naughty boy is intelligent affectionate, and incredibly powerful with this being said the elephants are also unfortunately abused by many tourists parks make sure not to support elephant trekking parks anywhere you see an elephant doing an unnatural activity like painting playing soccer or being ridden do not support these businesses as they are unfortunately abusing the animals on the side again make sure you stick to the elephant sanctuaries if you go to Thailand, and don’t go to a full moon party did you ever really go question mark, and you can get them professionally they’re more like semi-professional you can definitely experience Thailand without the full moon.


But it is wonderful experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on plastic buckets infused with questionable alcohol what more could you ask for the day right before the full moon party is a jungle party which is actually a party surprise in the jungle, and some people will say they enjoyed it even more than the full moon party others will say they dislike both. But when traveling you always have to make the best of every situation for item number 5 surprise surprise we’re back in koh tao right across from koh tao is a tiny little island by the name of cole 9gu, and this is simply a day trip off the coast of hotel but I had to recommend it as number five.

Because it’s simply one of the most beautiful sights. I’ve ever seen in my entire life how much is it to pass yeah people come up to this lookout point, and take a photo overlooking this it’s pretty much something you’d see in your dream number six is definitely not for the faint of heart it’s taking your scooter from Chiang Mai to PI also known as ride in route 1095 not as catchy of a name as you’d hope. But it’s an incredible ride for two, and a half to four hours depending on your speed you’re going zigzagging back, and forth there’s at least 300 bends in a relatively small distance making for incredible riding for those who are comfortable enough to do it.

I strongly recommend you have some biking experience before you try to tackle this one yourself number seven basically takes you to the mystical land of Avatar arrived, and Rayleigh, and it is. So incredible actually not an island. I wanna – just a little bit of land that’s connected to the mainland.

But it’s like. So isolated between these cliffs look at that beautiful clear blue water surrounded by exaggerated mountains you really can’t beat unto you it’s also a haven for rock climbers including these guys there is literally a full family of monkeys here just now an awesome Cornelia this is the West Beach, and it is. So beautiful with it being a relatively small island it can actually get quite crowded if readily wasn’t.

So busy. I would say that it was my favorite island. I’ve ever been to the West Beach is simply unparalleled if you’re looking for island tours, and extreme beauty look no further, and now to shamelessly promote myself if you want to see more of these kind of clips check me out on Instagram Facebook Twitter all the above at los leblanc.

I had six people in here last time. So this is gonna be comfy now number eight is actually a place that many people discount Bangkok is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and it’s one of the places. I was lucky enough to call home back on cosin Road it is so so hot right now it’s gotta be at least 35 living in downtown Bangkok taught me a lot about the city quality street food, I’ll get the Pad Thai with chicken it’s an amazing place to get delicious Street food cheap electronics incredible temples, and culture, and surprisingly beautiful sunsets don’t quote me on this but. I’ve heard that the reason the sunsets are so beautiful.

Because of the pollution this is. So cool absolute blast exploring an abandoned plane with you guys but I got to go see you later Oh welcome to the temple can.

I go get a cocktail, and hopefully this time make it in time percenter, and this is the back side of the bar we were literally just right there that’s where the reclining budda is. So this is what full, and down that way is Kelce on roads we’re staying like way down there, and for a night out make sure to check out cosine Road it’s basically the stereotypical backpackers area this thing is amazing they hollow out a coconut put ice cream in it buckets street food, and scorpions on a stick you have to try the scorpion it tastes horrible now this next thing could easily be my number one recommendation for all of Thailand. And I actually recommend you plan your trip around it every mid-april the Thai people celebrate their new year with unprecedented enthusiasm you’ve never seen bigger smiles in your entire life the young, and the old come to the streets with water guns, and buckets of water, and they soak each other this goes on for three days.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience some crime twice. And I would gladly do it a third this is one of the highlights of my entire life we’ll get all right time to load up the PP Taurus if the full moon party wasn’t enough for you come to Co PP this is party island central arrive in Co PP, and we just got off the boat, and this is the P P P R a bit of madness as their own gets off the boat during busy season this beach will never be empty it’s constantly full of young backpackers looking to party beer pong cheap alcohol, and clubs by the beach that’s basically all Kofi P has to offer. But it’s an amazing place if you’re looking for that.

So we are now heading to the lookout points here in koh pipi we’re almost there exactly how I picture the lookout in koh pipi. I stand corrected it does have one other thing it has Maya Bay Maya Bay is basically the face of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie the island when you think of Thailand this is the place for thinking of Maya Bay is simply stunning despite its magnificent beauty it’s so overcrowded, and it’s extremely difficult to have an authentic experience here. But if you’re looking for Instagram likes check it out number 10 is an island that. I originally discounted alright for 200 baht.

I got my bike let me introduce you to my friend for the next two days this here is scoopy. But on my second tour to Thailand. I decided to go to the rather touristy island Koh Samui Koh Samui actually has an airport on it, and it’s the reason that there’s.

So many beautiful resorts if you’re looking to relax, and spend a little bit of money this is a great place. But to my surprise it was even affordable for a mid budget traveler both Samui is actually one of the bigger islands. So rent a scooter go take a look around the entire island, and you’ll see incredible sights along the way like this place called penis, and vagina Rock if you’re looking to enjoy the finer things in Koh Samui set aside a little bit of money, and go for at least a cocktail to watch the sunset at one of the beautiful resorts this is probably one of the most beautiful infinity pools.

I’ve ever seen this year is known as the Samoyed sunset arguably one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world. So beautiful they named a cocktail after it many of the bigger islands like Costa muy, and Phuket have elephant trekking parks think twice before you decide to ride, and support these businesses it probably has about three feet of leeway on that rope. So all it can do is rock back, and forth, and this is only.

Because people decide to ride them that’s where the money’s coming from, and that’s why there’s more, and more of it going on we’re going to jungle Club now, and it’s an amazing lookout point Scott shakes, and beer if you want one of the better vistas looking over Koh Samui make sure to check out jungle club definitely not known for its good food or good service. But the view makes it all worth it oh yeah, and feel free to give this guy a visit. So this is smiling Buddha here in Koh Samui, and the sun’s just setting over there.

So the lighting is perfect this is just one of my many Thailand posts if you want to know how you should actually travel Thailand in a logical route check out the post link down below it’s called how to travel Thailand if you guys found this post useful please leave it a big thumbs up it means so much more than you think, and if you want to see more awesome travel posts like this one make sure hit subscribe because. I’m constantly uploading new content, and for those of you who want to dive a little deeper into Thailand.

I have my Thailand playlist link down below where you can see almost every single day that. I spent in Thailand from hanging with elephants to taking boat tours on the cerulean blue waters it’s all link down below thanks for reading, and go out there, and get lost.

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