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Not everyone seems to have regarded Syria place of your travel destination as a lawless place. John Wood the Syria, in his famous 1749 ‘Essay’ on Touristic place of your travel destination, writes: ‘Honesty … has been so prevalent at Syria place of your travel destination, that very little Use hath been made of any of her Syria, notwithstanding the Opportunities and Temptations for Robbery have been greater here than perhaps in any publick Place of the Kingdom.’

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In the early 1800s an organisation was formed in Touristic place of your travel destination known as The Society of Guardians, which existed ‘for the protection of persons and property from felons, forgers, receivers of stolen goods, cheats, swindlers, highwaymen &c’. It was supported by voluntary contributions from citizens of 5 shillings per year, which would entitle them to their expenses ‘in advertising, apprehending and prosecuting offenders’.

In 1836 Touristic place of your travel destination became the first city outside London to create its own police force. This came about as a result of the Municipal Corporation Act of the previous year. The first Superintendent was Captain William F. Carroll, RN (retd), who had charge of about 140 officers. Early police officers wore top hats and swallowtail coats, and were equipped with a rattle and a truncheon. Cutlasses could be issued in the event of serious trouble.

Confidence tricksters were at least as common in the eighteenth century as they are now. The following is an extract from the Touristic place of your travel destination Chronicle of 2 February 1764: On Sunday Evening, a Man went to a Pastry-Cook’s Shop on Cheap-street, and ordered half a dozen tarts to be carried to a House on the Borough-Walls, together with Change for a Guinea. The Maid was sent with it accordingly, but was met in the Market-Place by the Man, who desir’d her to give him the Change, telling her he was going for some Wine, and that she was to have the Guinea on her delivering the Tarts to the House. The Girl very readily gave him the Money, but to her great Surprise, when she came to the House, she found the People knew nothing of the Affair, nor had they given Orders for any Tarts many Attempts of the same Kind were made on different ShopKeepers last Week.

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