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I got a banana shake Abby got mango banana.

And we are getting picked up by a taxi in about an hour not even ya know an hour. And then, we’re heading to koh pipi. So, we’re gonna get driven to the pier, we’re getting in terms of the pier maya bay is the really icon i could play it if you happy search thailand, it’s like where you see all the photos of timelines just one of the most beautiful beaches but, it’s not touristy.

So hopefully the crowds are to not we don’t care Abby’s editing right now taking like ten hundred days. And we just ate. And this is our view nice noggin here, we’re gonna pick up more people Abby.

And I were just walking down a side street. And we found the holy grail of fake Nikes. So for this pretty much spot on to a real Nike it is about 35 Canadian.

So like. So cheap can’t really beat that you like this cool make it these ones here super flash. So, I’m now new proud owner of neon yellow oval Nikes for 30 dollars they even have these like skateboarding ones pretty cool.

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And, we’re off the co PB now, we’re going to go look for Island. I’ve seen. So far look there’s actually like a thousand fish down there the water is so blue, it’s probably the bluest water. I’ve seen yet actually just the mountain range in the back this is. So cool.

So we just rented a boat for the next three hours got our tour guide kind of tour guide just listen, we’re going to go see my FA which is apparently a separate island. So, we’re going to take a boat to get there very late we should check Abby we should try to hike that thing tomorrow that’s actually the bluest water. I’ve ever seen it is so shallow this guy’s got balls our driver says he thinks it might be too shallow. I think he’s right. So we have just arrived in Maya Bay a little bit late there’s two other stops we wanted to do that unfortunately, it’s too shallow to do now.

So we’ll have to do it another day or not at all but this is it Lauren. I went out last night got some buckets mulch the fire show. And now we are very tired we head back to Bangkok today.

So, we’re gonna catch the 10:00 p.m. Ashley yes see what, we’re doing, we’re gonna hang out by the beach in the meantime.

So humans aren’t the only one like air conditioning hey what are you doing what are you doing just no shame you’re now heading on to our ferry to head back to the mainland. And catch a plane home, it’s been an awesome trip we did two Islands we went to all the little tiny islands off the coast we trekked through a cave we bought some fake Nikes that’s a highlight too actually no they’re real. I mean yeah but.

I paid $30 for them. And you can’t tell the difference, it’s a camera, it’s a GoPro you know, it’s been awesome but the Sun got the best of Abby vodkas feeling like crazy. I think, I’m just gonna.

I don’t know. I might have the same thing happened the next couple days because. I got really worried too but next you might have it works see you later cookie bake soon we’ll say hi to Bangkok.

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