I’m on the outside you look how fast he’s clicking instead of a candy crane they have a split brain you can win dried squid we also saw crane you can win like fish they’re like little fish in a bucket, and you actually can grab, and win a life is that like this is such an intense arcade with. So many things. I’ve never seen in my life these are like super intense photo booths, and it also changes the eyesight.

So. And I guess the baseline more defined. I’ve literally seen someone try like 10 times now to try to win a box of chocolates, and these creams are scam they like don’t have enough power to grab on.

But they’re so close they keep trying, and trying they can easily spend probably like five times more than it would have cost to buy it in stores. But god be with them.


I lost again. So here’s the things you can win you can win these look is it a newt what. I think what kind of animal is that it’s got little legs anyways you can win those all right squads rolling out.

We’ve just left our hotel, and we’re going back to the kebab place we went to on the first night here in Kyoto we are gonna maybe do karaoke or Plushenko again. I hope it’s blue turncoat. I do not feel like singing end of story welcome to the booth the turkey be soso pork cutlets, and sake no it’s not alright.

So we hear you have half an hour. So it closes, and we got drinks, and we’re ready bud pachinko. So it’s not actually open we came here, and we’re very let down they’ve closed Plushenko.

But it opens at 10:00 the morning huzzah that is a cutest garbage truck. I’ve ever seen oh my it’s so Abby get in there it’s so cute jump in No anyways we’re going back to the room we couldn’t find anything to do everything’s closed Kyoto doesn’t have much nightlife, and we’re gonna go out to move in behind my little friends oh gosh.

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