10 Best Rivers in the World

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The waters are calling to you. Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most interesting rivers to explore. We’re taking a look at some of the most fascinating rivers, from all around the world based on what they offer visitors in terms of Adventure. Well is there Beauty and historical significance. But don’t fret if your favorite isn’t here will surely be returning to this topic in the future. Since there are so many more rivers in the world that are also truly amazed.

Number 10

Lumberton The Bow River Canada

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Does iconic Canadian Waterway can be found in the province of Alberta. Stretches for 300, It begins in the Picturesque Rocky Mountain. Flanked on either side by snow-capped Peaks and green pine Spruce and fir trees. It meanders its way through, the province until it meets up with the Old Man River. With the two joining forces to become the South Saskatchewan River. The Bow River is best seen by kayak or canoe, but can also be enjoyed from a car or train as it runs parallel. Columbia icefields Parkway one of them. Scenic drives in North America. Just make sure you bring a camera to capture its unadulterated.

Map of Lumberton The Bow River Canada

Virtual Canada Challenge (VCAN) - bikejournal.com forum

Number 9

River Iceland

One of the biggest River Islands in the UK opens in Essex this weekend - Essex Live

As if the world needed another reason to visit this breathtaking. The feather river is straddled on either side, by the Majestic walls of a glued Canyon. The popular tourist, the traction was formed in the Ice Age. The result of thousands of years of erosion, from glacial Waters. Today, it’s one of the country’s most recognizable sites. Sofia the river is off of Iceland’s Ring Road a highway, that encircles the country. And connects all of its major cities and hotspots. Regardless of whether you come in the summer or winter. This River will be one you won’t want to leave.

Map of River Iceland

Iceland Map and Satellite Image

Number 8

The Mekong Southeast Asia

Making Sense of the “Many Mekongs” | The Asia Foundation

Making its way through China Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong River is one of the longest in the world. Exploring this River means exploring six different countries. Each with their own unique cultures and traditions. Probably the Mekong is one of the most diverse River Journeys, you can take. What’s brown Waters lack, any prototypical Crystal and beauty. You’ll be too mesmerized, by your surroundings to care. As the Mekong is second to only the Amazon, when it comes to biodiversity, more on that in a bit. Flowing through a variety of different landscapes. Each section of this Mighty river is more beautiful than the last.

Map of The Mekong Southeast Asia

The Mekong: Slow Death of a River

Number 7

the Kenai River United States of America

Kenai River - Wikipedia

This River can be found in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Located in the southern section of America’s northernmost state. It’s a great place to go fishing, And every year there are multiple Salmon Run. Is also attract Wildlife like bears and bird. With the occasional blue stopping by as well. Stretching over 80 Mi the Kenai River is a, picking up a perfect place for a day trip, should you ever find yourself in Alaska. Is largest city. If you have the time start at Kenai Lake, and make your way down the scenic blue water weight, to Cook Inlet for a journey you won’t soon forget.

Map of the Kenai River United States of America

Map of study area and Kenai River Watershed. Study area is 11-mile. | Download Scientific Diagram

Number 6

The Yangtze China

Qa Yangtze Freshwater Advisor Dr Qiaoyu Guo

This River holds the unique distinction of being the longest flow through a single country. PNC is just shy of 4,000 miles long making at the longest in Asia. And the third longest in the world. Really only the Amazon in the Nile. The river flows through a number of China’s biggest city, including Shanghai. The reasons for visiting this iconic Asian water. Pretty self-explanatory, as it passes through a plethora of picture. Vistas and fascinating Urban environment and offers visitors, a unique way to see one of the Earth’s largest, and most exceptional country.

Map of The Yangtze China

Yangtze River Map, Map of Yangtze River | China city, Three gorges dam, China map

Number 5

Begin India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh begin joint military exercise Sampriti in Meghalaya | India Sentinels – India Defence News and Updates

Starting in the Towering Himalayas and flowing down 1500 miles, Southeast of the Bay of Bengal the Ganges River. Forecast for thousands of years served the citizens of India and Bangladesh. The sacred River, sometimes referred to as mother Ganga. Is a legendary Waterway of immense historical and religious significant. Despite pollution the Ganges and its environs offers, so many things to do and see, outside of the major cities. Which often draw large crowds are pilgrims to engage in ritual bathing, ceremonies, Forestville find a more tranquil portions of the river. And a variety of activities from yoga to rapping.

Map of Begin India and Bangladesh

Epaar Bangla, opaar Bangla | Dhaka Tribune

Number 4

Cano Cristales Dallas Columbia

Human never seen a river quite like this. Before located in Columbia Cano Cristales Dallas undergoes a dramatic transformation every year. Like the Botanical lifeboats length of Shores. The river blossoms with Hughes, with the bed becoming a wash and red yellow blue green and black from May until November. Because of this, it’s been nicknamed the river of five colors. What’s unique psychological makeup and extreme biodiversity. Plenty of Taurus Each and every year. Located next to La Macarena National Park.

Map of Cano Cristales Dallas Columbia

Caño Cristales is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. La combinación de colores y… | Mystical places, Summer trees, Waterfall

Number 3

the Danube Central Europe

14 The Danube River in Central Europe | Download Scientific Diagram

Slicing through your upper couple of rivers, that have long been the source of great pleasure for tourists and locals alike. The first is the Danube, which starts in Germany. And we sizwe through 10 different countries before depositing itself, into the Black Sea. The second is the rhyme, which begins in Switzerland and flows north. Emptying into the North Sea. Both Rivers offer unique glimpses of the European continent. As they pass by and through numerous medieval towns bustling Metropolis has, and even a few epic castles from the days of old. To explore these Rivers is to explore the history of Europe.

Map of the Danube Central Europe

14 The Danube River in Central Europe | Download Scientific Diagram

Number 2

The Nile Africa

Nile - Wikipedia

This Bountiful River has served as the Cradle of numerous Africans Civilization. Continues to be a Lifeline for, are the citizens of 11 different country. Well the river has long been synonymous, with ancient Egypt and still flows past many of its most important historical sites. And I was so much more than just a window into the past, serves as a Gateway Into the Heart of Africa. One that can only be experienced for tourist. The Comforts of long cruises, with so much to do and see on and around this iconic River you’ll have no trouble finding. Picturesque location, things to beef up your Instagram. Before we unveil our number one pick. Here are some honorable mention.

Map of The Nile Africa

The Quest for the Source of the Nile

Number 1

The Amazo n South America

Amazon Rainforest, South America | 10 of the Most Beautiful Travel Adventures to Take Around the World | POPSUGAR Smart Living Photo 11

There could be no other talk shows flowing through Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. The mighty Amazon offers visitors, endless array of attraction. Rent a kayak and explore portion of its nearly, or hire a guide. To take you on a jungle walk and Marvel at the animal Inn. Plant life of the world’s most biodiverse River has to offer. Looking for something a little more thrilling. Why not try your hand at ziplining or piranha fishing. Excursions are plentiful on the Amazon River. With no shortage of places to explore.

Map of The Amazon South America

Amazon Jungle Overview


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