Revive your soul – Breathtaking views at Kasauli

India is a beautiful place, rich in culture and heritage. Each nook and corner of the country has to its credit, something or the other. Kasauli, located about 1800 meters above sea level, is a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This town is a tiny place which can mostly be covered by walking. Kasauli is famous for its colonial style houses as it was built during the British reign.

Mythological references quote that Lord Hanuman placed his feet on this tow, while looking for herbs to heal Lord Rama’s brother, Lakshmana. This lush green town with picturesque locations is quiet as well as tourist friendly place. Below is the list of things you can do in Kasauli:

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Bird watching is very famous in Kasauli. You can see a variety of birds when in this place, and will be amazing.

When you stay at the best hotels at Kasauli, you will be able to look around the town easily. Indulge in the local eateries which are a delight.

The mesmerizing hilly tracks are really a hiker’s paradise. Get your tracks and shoes and you are ready to hit the best trekking in Kasauli.

The panoramic views of the Himalayas are a great visual retreat. This gives you time to unwind with your spouse amidst the nature walk, which is serene and refreshing, and of course romantic.

For some religious activities, there are beautiful temples that you should look at while in Kasauli. Manki Point is a small hilltop temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and it features numerous monkeys and amazing views. This is one of the must-visit in Kasauli.

Along with Manki Point, there is also a Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Kali Mata temple and so on.
Sunrise Point, which was formerly called as Hawa Ghar, due to its strong current of winds is a wonderful place to visit. Amidst the hill ranges of Shivalik, the sun rises majestically. This view is worth a watch, and you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the Chandigarh city and its surrounding areas.

Gilbert Trail is one other place that would be enjoyed well by the trekkers. The path is about nearly two kilometers, and walking through it lets you enjoy the breathtaking place with ease.

To enjoy all this, you need a good hotel. So, what all you can look for in a hotel?

Best prices! This is the main criteria for any vacation. The hotel must be budget-friendly, as well as offer the best of the things.

The hotel must itself be surrounded with a pleasant view. We go on a vacation to enjoy and have a relaxed time. When you open the window of the hotel room, it must show you mesmerizing views.

Vacation is a time to unwind. So, the best budget hotels in Kasauli are mostly away from too much of noise and clatter.

The hotel rooms must be clean and neat. The lines must be spotless, and toilets must be dry and neat, which will help you have a hygienic stay.

The best deal would be a valley facing room, which will ensure that you have a splendid view, and is best suited for revitalizing your spirits.

A place away from the hustle-bustle noise of the ever-on-toes cities is a real call for these days. In Kasauli, there is something for everyone, and every season there is beautiful. To recharge, rejuvenate or relax the soul, nothing would be more helpful than going for a quick visit and staying in the best budget hotels in Kasauli. The only thing to make your stay unforgettable is to choose one of the best hotels at Kasauli.

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