A Charleston (West Virginia) Travel Guide And Map

a charleston west virginia travel guide and map 10

Whether you’re visiting Charleston (West Virginia) for the first time or you’ve been a Charleston resident for years, this guide will help you discover all the best spots to eat, shop, and explore. Included is a map of Charleston so you can plan your perfect trip.

Map of Charleston (West Virginia)

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and is known for its rich history and architecture. The city was founded in 1729 by James Lowndes, and was named for Charles II of England. The city grew rapidly during the 19th century as a center of commerce and culture. Today, Charleston is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. Highlights include the historic district downtown, the Citadel, the Battery, and Morris Island.

Charleston offers visitors an abundance of activities to enjoy. Arts and music can be found throughout the city at venues such as The Greenbrier Resort and Club, The Paramount Theatre, and The Charleston Music Hall. Outdoor activities such as horseback riding, golfing, swimming, fishing, biking, and kayaking are also popular in the area. There are also many unique restaurants to explore including Spanish Place, King’s Buffet, The Publican Gastropub & Brewery, Daddy’s Kitchen & Oyster Bar, and Trenchermen’s Tavern & Grill.

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Where to Stay in Charleston

If you’re looking to stay in one of the most charming and historic cities in the eastern United States, look no further than Charleston, West Virginia. Here are six fantastic options for where to stay while visiting:

1. The Jefferson Hotel

Former President James Buchanan stayed here during his 1856 visit to Charleston. The Jefferson is a beautifully restored hotel that’s perfect for luxury travelers looking for a luxurious experience. It has an on-site restaurant, a bar, and even a spa.

2. The Old Exchange Hotel

This popular hotel is located in the heart of the city and is perfect for budget-minded travelers. It has clean and comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a great location just steps away from some of Charleston’s most popular attractions.

3. The Omni Homestead Resort

The Omni Homestead Resort is perched atop a hill overlooking the city and harbor. It features stunning views of both, as well as all of the activity in downtown Charleston below. It also offers an indoor pool, Jacuzzi tubs, two golf courses, and more than 300 guest rooms including suites and villas.

4. The Broadmoor Inn

The Broad moor Inn is owned by the same folks that operate The Ritz-Carlton, so you know it will be a nice place to stay. It has been at more than one of the city’s waterfront hotels and offers modern rooms and suites, an on-site golf course, pool, fitness center and more.

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Where to Eat in Richmond and Charleston

Richmond and Charleston are two amazing cities to explore, and they both have their own unique culinary offerings. Richmond has a large number of restaurants, while Charleston has a more limited selection but no shortage of excellent restaurants. Here are some of our favorites in each city:

In Richmond, we love The Slanted Door for its innovative cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. The sushi is especially delicious, and the wine list is extensive.

In Charleston, we love The Market Gastropub for its fun setting and delicious food. The burgers are some of the best we’ve ever had, and the coffee is superb.

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Things to do in Charleston

If you’re looking for a unique vacation destination, look no further than Charleston, West Virginia. This historic city is steeped in history, and there’s always something new to do. Here are some of the top things to do in Charleston:

1.Visit the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. This majestic structure spans the Cooper River and is one of Charleston’s most popular attractions. The bridge is a must-see for visitors who want to experience all that this city has to offer.

2.Discover the history of Charleston at the many museums located throughout the city. These museums include the Charleston Museum of History, which offers a wide range of exhibits on various topics, from colonial times to the present day. The Maritime Museum also contains a variety of maritime artifacts, as well as displays documenting life during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras.

3.Take a stroll through Downtown Charleston and soak up its historic atmosphere. This district was once the heart of commerce in Charleston, and it still contains many impressive structures dating back to the 1800s. Some notable landmarks in this area include Lowcountry Port Authority Building and City Hall.

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What’s the Weather Like?

The weather in Charleston is subtropical with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in January is 32 degrees, while in July the average temperature is 86 degrees. The best time to visit Charleston is from March through May when the weather is warm and sunny with mild breezes.

a charleston west virginia travel guide and map 10


If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique place to visit, be sure to check out Charleston (West Virginia). This city is steeped in history, and the architecture is absolutely stunning. It’s also a great place to explore – there are plenty of things to do whether you’re looking for cultural experiences or outdoor activities. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston soon, make sure to download our travel guide and map so that you can get the most out of your time there!

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