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Start every morning by emptying out your shoes in case of dangerous spiders serpents anything else that will try to kill you primer sealer on an 8 today is day three here in Aussie land.

I got my new weapon get a mate g’day mates yeah that’s how I should start every location gonna do it again good. I might it is die right here in Aussie land, and we’re currently in Margaret River we’re gonna go to the beach now.

So last night there was a casualty unfortunately. I was trying to set up my tripod to do a night lapse, and, I’ll insert some of the photos. I got here.

Because it was really cool. And So anyways when I passed my phone to i’li.

I guess she has a bit of a tendency to drop things, and she dropped my Google pixel right on to the really harsh rocks. And So the screen just is totally gone. I don’t have a phone at the moment.

But luckily the amazing Google team has said they’ll be hooking me up with another one today’s off to a really good start guys it’s 11:00 in the morning, and it’s currently 33 degrees Celsius. So it’s cooking slip slop, and slop basically it’s like a motto it’s like you need to put sunscreen on here. Because the ozone layer is.

So thin you will burn very quickly sunscreen check alright guys we are currently on our way to Red Gate Beach which is about 15 minutes just outside of mark river or. I got. So we’re just there telling you guys have more like a British person it’s a work in progress check this out what that is some pretty damn blue water like some of the Blues.

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I’ve seen it’s shark infested right there’s just less sharks yeah that’s good the sand here is. So fine again it’s a fire. I got guy on the outside of the cuttlefish.

I don’t think. I’ve ever seen one fine yeah we can change their colors, and stuff holy the water is. So cold guys look at the size of this Wow this speech right here is incredible guys.

And So apparently this is like very standard for Australia like the entire coastline is just surrounded by these beautiful white sandy beaches with extremely blue water the water is really cold well maybe. I should say really cold it’s cold enough that it’s uncomfortable at first. But you do adjust.

I’ve taken refuge under the few places you can get shade here there’s so much beautiful sand but. So very little foliage leakage as.

I said in another blog there’s really not many trees here. So you find a couple rocks that are high enough you can hide under them it’s pretty good. I’m.

So excited to be in Australia like. I had been wanting to come here for. So long now.

I’ve always told people that. I think that. I was a Canadian that was supposed to be born in Australia like.

I love Vancouver but I just don’t do well with the rain, and like yeah they get rain here too. But it’s just.

I love the heat. I need heat like this today is 35 degrees. I’m definitely gonna need to figure out what will be my travel setup.

Because especially when Abby’s not here. I can’t handle this much stuff this here which is much smaller, and more convenient my gh4 this is my post camera. Because it does slow motion it does 4k.

I really love my judge for it’s honestly one of the best cameras out there. So Mads like dying right now he literally just got caught in a Riptide he says if you’ve been out there for another 10 seconds he like wouldn’t have been able to keep himself afloat he’s back though. So leave a thumbs up for the post.

Because he survived subscribe. So if really he’s not doing that well you what you got surfers to help you did they like throw you on the board yeah the capsule on like oceans talk to the lake yeah. I have to write that riptides be careful am I compensating maybe.

So bad things happen in threes. I lost the Mavic the Mavic gimbal is overloading it’s not working for whatever reason. So I’ve send that home when.

I get home my pixel died. So my my cell phone doesn’t work, and now the third thing is just struck. I cannot use my other drone.

Because I don’t have a phone to run my phantom 3 standard. So basically. I’m without a drone at the moment.

I’m going to try to find a way to download it on one of their phones. So that. I can get the app, and hopefully make it work a visit to Australia is like a wildlife safari like all the things here are just different like seagulls here look way meaner they sound different crows here will kill you everything is like a more aggressive, and scary version of the North American equivalent they also have brown snakes which is the world’s deadliest snake you basically have no shot if it bites you never seen snake more aggressively missing one law he flew straight at.

So we didn’t read before coming in here is there’s a dangerous trip risk. I didn’t even end up going in the water. But it says right here basically there’s a good chance you’ll be pulled out to sea which mad experience for his hand, and today is just such a beautiful day.

I was told that. I’ve been actually very lucky to come when I have apparently like they didn’t have summer this year it’s just skip right through, and been just total rain.

So what happens we hang out if Matt. And I li they converted me. I just thought it’s SVC burger it’s a little bland.

But it’s workable. I could eat it you can’t handle this blog compact into that applause do you know what a platypus is yeah. I know a platypus you hit a platypus with a car stay in a place with a venomous actually really the kidneys, and platypus are the only mammals that lay eggs.

I might matt has these things called poi. And So basically they’re like two little balls strapped to a string normally they’re like lit on fire. But these ones are just electronic.

So you just turn on this light here give me the other one hold this camera let me show them what’s up these skills all right guys this is poi class 101 here we’re going to do the double rotation not bad not bad now let’s go for some crossover whoa alright put the camera away okay good Miley’s doing a haircut for me she’s like building out her business right now. So she’s gonna take a photo after it’s all done use it as a portfolio piece, and, I’ll have my dreadlocks left over your head yeah they’re gonna try to convert me into a dread head guys check these out these are like precision Japanese blades samurai swords. But in unison nice you killed it on the line feelin it is that off-chance that someone here is from Albany check out.

I Lee’s work we just had two green parrots fly by like these are the kind of parents that you’d see at the zoo the kind of parents you’d see like the crazy old lady owning she’s not even surprised it just flew by. I go yeah. We’ve got parents you don’t sound like that it’s a British person.

But still they with. So many different creatures living here. I thought we killed the only one that is more they’re like this big, and they will land on you, and like luckily they’re not as nimble as the small flies.

So like they’re easier to kill. But these ones bite you. I almost dropped my laptop, and while.

I Lee was cutting my hair she was like doing the line here. And I leave. Because one landed on me could have easily had like a triangle down here we good though maybe you guys wow this credible let me show you the Aussie sunset guys they said it was going to be good they didn’t lie him.

And I were just checking out the views look at this let’s look at it together this is. So beautiful there’s like a yellow layer of light covering everything right now. I don’t know.

I almost feel like it’s palpable it’s like you can feel the light or. I might have arrived surface point here, and Margaret River got a tailgate party let Frank, and Justina brought the tripods better tray of food you guys check this out like this is a beautiful crystal, and amazingly you feel like you’re on the edge of here right over there the Sun setting goodbye sunset guys another amazing day damn yeah every day. I make an yeah yeah welcome did.

I Italians living it in Australia guys yeah welcome to the blog guys what are your names. I’m origin, and she’s the master of boy. So she actually used to do circus school back in the day.

And So she can do like everything from trapeze to contortionist stuff, and boy have you been to happening yet you’re better than that. So the italians have brought their own little cooking stove, and they’re making pasta prevail in Ravello you know no this food is like Direct Investing everything Mourinho one won’t kill you ha ha ha maybe very frustrating the pasta very good sir Hey pretty creepy we’re walking back into town right now, and we’re taking the quickest trail which is also the bush trail this is what happens look at that what if it shoots at me stinkbug. So we came back into town, and we got to the first bar, and who do we find our Italian friends welcome back in the post.

So right now we are looking around it’s 11 p.m., and like nothing everything dead here like Margaret River is not really happening place we’re having fish a doe we say goodbye to Italian friends that’s quick ketchup really funny story the Italian guys are telling us how they’ve only been here for about a month they bought a van.

So that they could sleep in it, and the Caban totally busted down within five days. So now they had to go buy another car, and they’re sleeping in like this really beater white car, and like they’re blowing up the air mattress in their car. I don’t know how they’re gonna manage that, and we’re heading to bed now cuz tomorrow is a big day we actually have a big concert with a guy by the name of John Butler.

I’m gonna leave you off here have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow umm of the day Oh.

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