All right good morning guys it’s about 6:30 in the morning, and we have just arrived. I just have the last question you just arrived at the whale reading center, and things have changed since last year it is crazy not impressed at the moment but I gotta tell you these whale sharks are amazing.

So it’ll be a whole lot more magical one get in the water, and ignore the fact that this is a zoo. I should just caption this post called what have. I done this is the effect partially of a viral post.


I’ve had three people now come up to me saying that they recognize me for my posts including a couple of guys saying that they’re doing my exact route as planned out by the post, and this is one of the nasty effects of things getting popular. So people are asking for a photo rating to go whale shark reading what if words you don’t really know what’s going on okay a few things, and we’re about to put on these wet lifejackets, and go. So it’s available just like waiting in line at your local insurance agency we have had our number called, and it’s our turn to go out on the boats we’re going to go see the whale sharks.

I’m putting away my blogging camera all further blogging will be done on my gh4, and a GoPro, and Seija in the water what kind of example is that insurance policy no it’s. Because it’s horrible it’s just like you’re given a number you we just got back from the whale shark Inc the animals are extraordinary there’s a reason people flock here just some of the coolest animals you’ll see be able to swim next to those fish a rigid thing the fish pretty nice fish but I have to say guys it’s definitely three to four times busier than when.

I was here last year, and a lot of it has to do with rising popularity in the location could just be a busy day but I think it’s probably for the most part never going to be like when we were here you used to be able to have like a whale shark each now there’s like three boats around one whale sharks there’s people with selfie poles everywhere, and GoPros, and cameras, and you know it’s definitely lost a bit of its touch. But the whale sharks are still here, and that’s why everyone’s here guys.

So we just had breakfast for about don’t go this looks like a we’re about to bounce a Christian Oh.

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