So this morning was like a crazy rush we were supposed to be up at 3 in the morning two alarms that we had did not go off. And So I got a phone call at 3:45 from the front desk of the villa being like yeah your taxis here, and we had in fact we were ready. I’m like oh my gosh this is a nightmare, and we threw everything in the suitcase grabbed everything.

I think we have everything we’ll find out very soon. But we did here it’s now six o’clock, and we’re on our way to Penang we just watched an incredible sunrise the Sun rose right behind that Massimo we’re going down some crazy windy roads here yeah all right guys our first destination of many today pinning. I can’t pronounce it as well mm-hmm okay we don’t really know where we are.

But we’re somewhere magical, and just right there is an incredible mountain range. I’m gonna get the drone up. And I got the camera assistant of the day my drone is actually working it’s allowing me to use the full range which is a miracle.


Because I didn’t a good work. And So we’re with a giant squad of people everyone. And So you guys need a blogger yeah, and that’s a maybe we met in the Philippines.

I don’t know whenever we were there last do a block you know hi you guys are here for ant we’re here for just having fun everybody you know anything is only academic dogs either loving it. So literally the time. I crashed my drone was with this guy right here, and you were flying your drone at the same time ever since then

I don’t. I don’t believe in flying two drones at once anymore like. I I don’t know if it throws it off.

I was flying recklessly though. So I think it just was me crashing oh gosh look today is off to a great start we are with locals while some of them are locals some of them are Filipinos. But they actually know like what are the non touristy spots where you can get the best views the best photos the best posts.

I definitely need to be a lot more careful today. Because my face is got a nice red glow to it this morning. I got really cooked if you missed yesterday’s blog we went surfing, and well trying to surf.

And I got totally toasted it is crazy like honestly if someone was coming down here you’d have to reverse or something it’s like this is. So the guys right in front of us on the bike there have a shotgun up some form yeah. And So they’re hunting birds yeah.

I think. So please got a little dog too. So both the hunters on the scooters there had dogs with them.

So that when they shoot the bird. We’ve got someone to go retrieve it like Santa’s Little Helper. So right now we are in northern Bali in a little city called ping uh thank God sing about side which means Lion King directly translated into English, and we’re going to go to a su katana which is the Balinese word for like a little informal diner.

So cheap food good authentic Indonesian food. Because the best part you gotta try it no. I don’t want it how is it good oh my god.

I just ordered a second month this is like dry or like really crispy really crunchy this is it yeah there no water there’s no tourists where the heck are we. Because no sign there’s no signs there’s no nothing we got the insider’s track today. So why you you’re showing us around how did you find this place because.

I’m not everything about bugs everything you know inside, and out yeah exactly hello Christian Wow there is nobody here, and this massive waterfall is all to ourselves this is incredible you just found a round of balloon. I guess they grow here. So natural environment you guys look at this waterfall, and we have it all to ourselves.

I literally live for stuff like this like finding those hidden gems the ones that no one knows about, and then being able to experience it without like you know having thousands of people are most waterfalls in Bali that you’ll see on Instagram well huh doesn’t for us when you go visit them. Because somewhere like this, and most the time there no one here that was fun. But it’s time to go to the next destination see you later massive uninhabited waterfall Abby.

I think there’s a leech on your leg this is not funny Christian okay shut up sorry you made it alright back to the car oh no coach you you. So I just haven’t the us they’re like two dollars Canadian super team, and it’s really cheap. I was actually surprised we didn’t have to pay.

But it’s kind of funny. Because like anywhere you go someone’s like oh that’s mine we went to a hill, and they’re like we parked in a dirt lot, and they made us pay to park that was like five dollars a person which was a lot to park on a dirt hill, and that looks like some good storm clouds over there dedication to the show that’s what it takes guys if you’re wondering how to make cool posts it looks a little something like this this, and tons of hard work, and editing check out Ashley’s posts for real though you haven’t seen it we are now off to our last stop of the day, and it’s really good time you guys we’re escaping the rains which. I’ve taken over this area like they don’t seem fazed by it this is like an episode a massive downpour like there’s a stream coming down the road right now.

So where are we now we’re at the gates. And I want one. I’m here for a while.

So embarrassing it’s literally like people come here for Instagram. I mean look at this thing you got the mountains in the backdrop there’s really no other purpose to it this is actually the entrance to a golf course, and a hotel. So it’s not like you’re going to somewhat Historic Site it’s like you’re going to a tourist attraction.

But nonetheless it’s super grand it’s super epic looking. And I’m glad we came here the weather is kind of like rainy but I think it fits the scene really well Hey Oh Oh you want to say how’s your day been it was really good awesome got some quotes trip photos.

I’m really excited yeah a lot of good photos thank you this was a dollar fifty alright. We’ve checked out of vila do sun, and now we are heading to the sister villa which is villa Kuja got a ride to the villa let’s hope Haley has it’s gonna let us into our villa guys another pillow what the heck this is. So nice is it okay if we come into your villa how nice is this place hey.

So we go sleep in nice bed what’s in here oh wow that’s so cool this is. So sick yeah it definitely has a bit of a different vibe from the last one this one’s kind of found something that this villa has the last did not look lit guys look.

So it went from being rainy today to all of a sudden being lit it is lit we’re fitting in don’t you play 31 we got that room service going number 12 is never fun of the day yay.

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