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I get asked this a lot. So here it is it is a red Gregory backpack, and it looks like it says 60.

So must be a 60 liter it has been an amazing week. I gotta go you guys seem to like it when I film airport workers.

So it’s time to get the gh4 out. So I’m flying Philippine Airlines to Manila pulling like a one-hour flight, and missing airline is actually flying me all around we have arrived in Manila thank you learn work play pray, and here comes a really big hamster word got out Christians travel blogs is here Oh God all in Manila showed up got to try, and keep it secret next time give me more time to get a taxi than to fly here it is, and we’re here thank you. So this is the only five-star hotel in all of Manila the Sofitel.

So excited to be here it’s pretty much Palace we’re doing up – hello Millicent thank you alright guys. So I am in this hotel again those five-star hotel. So I’m in club Miele Sam it’s their executive lounge, and they’ve got all sorts of different tapas they have cocktails being served tonight everything here is way too good.

I am stuffed with tapas, and tea. And I’m gonna go check out my room let’s go definitely under dressed for the occasion just keeps going, and going all right guys here’s my door here’s the moment of truth here we go what. I’m used to seeing a bed when you open the door this is not a bed what what is this real oh my gosh.

So this is hands down guys the nicest place. I have ever stayed oh my gosh oh now. I wish it did the early chicken should have ran here instead of waiting for a taxi.

I don’t plan to leave here at all tonight. I give you the Sofitel Manila this is insane you guys. And I’m literally on the top floor Oh oh my gosh you guys.

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I don’t remember the last time. I smelled like this this is amazing like this is one of those things that you see inside of a magazine you know the ones that like people leaving their bathrooms, and you like sometimes go through it you’re like okay that’s interesting this is that bedroom that you saw in that magazine in the bathroom stupidly nice ah when something’s just like this nice you want to like take full advantage if. I let it feel like now.

I need to take a bath. I need to make a phone call on the toilet. I’m gonna get the blinds open get some light in here take a shower.

And I’m gonna go to the gym actually it’s the first time. I’ve done the gym in a long time. I’m feeling pretty out of shape these dated honestly.

I know my plan was to get a beach bod, and tie for going to Taiwan didn’t really go that well went okay, and would you look at that upload speeds 17 minutes for one blog yeah. And I currently have my GH for shooting a time-lapse there’s not really a ton of movement other than like the palm trees maybe a few boats going by. But because.

I’m shooting it for such a long period of time it might give a really cool effect as well as the Sun setting just over there heading to the gym now gonna take me a few minutes get out of my room with my corridor. I’m going to go check out their gyms. So fit Jim incredibly stoked to be here this is the definition of luxury living thanks.

So you got the spa here, and just behind the spa is Sophia the gym almost there to me Wow keeps going, and going. So I’m going to start off with 30 minutes of Fight Club style cardio you gotta beat this bag up, and do you guys know a thing or two about me that. I’m a fighter unpredictable that easy amazing Rekha Abby just messaged me she is now in the air on her way to Manila.

I will see her in like 12 hours well. I’m down here anyways might as well take a look at the pool, and see if. I can still see my camera hopefully it hasn’t fallen off the balcony.

So this is the pool my room is the top one on the far right there this place this is how beautiful Manila can be Manila gets a bad rep just. Because it’s such a large city, and there’s no doubt some issues in the city but. I’m telling you right now if you guys are a visitor, and you’re considering visiting Manila you don’t have to go to the rough areas you can actually find some very beautiful things to see here there’s a lot of culture there’s a lot of amazing people -.

So don’t for one second think to yourself vanilla is not a destination we’re visiting this doesn’t get old it’ll be the longest time lapse. I’ve ever shot, and it’s still going this is actually going to be really nice, and the Lighting’s kind of changed on the city. I think this could be an awesome time-lapse it’s at one hour, and 23 minutes one thing.

I rave about about the gh4 is its battery life if. I shoot two days in a row almost without exception. I can do it all in one battery for this time-lapse.

I actually reduce the quality instead of shooting 4k. I dropped it down to 1080. Because well it’s a big file.

I’ve already shot an hour, and a half really random actually there’s a guy by the name Walter he’s originally from Toronto. And So I guess he saw one of my post said hey giver Manila give me a message. And So here.

I am in Manila, and he’s going to be coming by the Sofitel to hang out, and that’s the plan for tonight. So I just realized. I have two balconies it’s probably a really bad idea but.

I have to take you guys in the shower with me check this view look at the view from the shower sorry. I hope you guys don’t feel violated. But it’s literally the best shower.

I’ve ever had just standing naked on my balcony got some freedoms about guys assuming everything pulled up on my camera this will turn out feed my best time Latvia. So I’ve got 40 minutes left recording, and the Sun sets according to Google in 20 minutes you you guys is one of those days that you don’t forget they have changed up the food, and it’s more geared towards pairing with wine, and cocktails cheese’s salami cream cheese ball with apricot got sushi some different little meat platters alright guys. I’m with Dave right now Dave works here at the Sofitel, and he is showing me around spiral.

So spiral as. I mentioned earlier is the number one rated restaurant in all of Manila based on TripAdvisor very nice. So here at the Sofitel it’s actually a French chain.

And So they have a fusion of French, and Filipino here cool guys. I love Indian food in check yeah Italian inspired pizza. So this would be French right yes.

So this is duck liver. I’m gonna try well. I have no other duck liver to compare to.

I loved it they have a cheese room in here the number always goes up Wow. So there’s 50 to 60 different kinds of cheeses in here. So now you have the candy drawers the fondue my leave a dedicated chocolate chef back there.

So this is lapid, and uh it’s a more of an intimate type feel part of the restaurant just got back from my tour around spiral restaurant. And I asked the price. So lunch will normally cost you around six US dollars, and dinner is around 80 it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you can really stretch it out you said a lot of people will go as an experience even if you didn’t plan to stay at the Sofitel for a night it’d be cool to just come here grab dinner or lunch whatever, and just hang out there for 2-3 hours yeah now.

I’m just gonna relax until Walter gets here. I think he’ll be here in the next half an hour. So right now.

I’m with Walter Walter is also from Canada, and the amount of similarities we have is a bit crazy he basically same situation coming from Canada quit his corporate job, and he’s now an actor with a TV series TV goes TV oh sorry is it TV host yeah. I can’t act like public. I’m gonna take you around hopefully, and grab some street food we’re gonna go check out some street food we’re gonna be getting a basically like an uber to come pick us up we’re gonna go get some street food, and Walter was just telling me that apparently some of the street food they have here is like the innards of a chicken they have cubed blood yeah if you try have you heard of bull oh yes.

I’ve heard of a lot yet it’s a chicken’s fetus. I think it up. I’m not gonna be having that one.

But we’ll see what we. So we’re just driving through malate right now, and it almost looks like a red-light district. But it’s not gets mulatto has lots of different novel restaurants bars we’re going to a restaurant slash bar just got run over by a bike we’re little people serve you, and yeah you’ll sleep yourselves.

So in Thailand they the people come up to you translate ping-pong shows here they try to sell you all you can sing karaoke boys. So Walter was telling me that what’s really big in the Philippines is comedy bars, and if there’s one thing. I’ve seen while traveling is that the Filipinos love to laugh like no matter where you go they’re always laughing second thing Filipinos are terrified of ghosts.

And I don’t really know why do you wanna explain why. I see all the computers reading this you’re gonna be like no we’re not. But in the Philippines is a huge ghost culture, and it’s a lot closer to home.

So people here are very aware of where you can find ghosts in Manila where you can go ghost hunting, and North Americans are very like it’s more of a serial killer culture here is a ghost culture yeah. So don’t bring up ghosts in the Philippines otherwise you’ll terrorize them okay. So apparently the place where we get served by little people is called the Lovett house.

I guess it’s a fitting name we’re gonna check that out get some food drinks you guys we made it five minutes later we’re at the world-famous Hobbit house since 1973 gosh you can’t. I feel like thank you it’s like Lord of the Rings since fire this is cool you see. But but having better be tomorrow.

So thank you have a good eye, and the hobbit door. I have to get up at like 5:40. So I can go downstairs get some breakfast, and then going to the airport to meet Abby.

So it’s gonna be really big day have a good night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow with Abby Oh.

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