So handyman Christian’s been called over, and Abby setting up like a nice welcome it’s basically a facade she’s not actually doing her whole room she’s just doing a small section of it.

So that she can take nice photos for Instagram look at that she’s got wood paneling that goes up to here. But that’s all you needs ticket photos it’s making your room swap on a budget you might buy these chokers, and suppose. I do this it’s a shoelace no it’s actually suede.

I was made into a choker, and you people have to pay lovely what’s up you guys it has been like 10 days since. I last blog. So I feel refreshed.

I needed to take a bit of a break. Because everything gets really repetitive when you do it every single day. So I’m feeling good if you’re wondering what these are they’re balloons Abby had a little happy 75000 party for me.

So she had balloons set up she took me for lunch, and we just got our toes done right now. I’m going home to pack we leave for the Dominican Republic tonight came all the way down to the beach with my drone only to find out. I totally forgot my phone.

And I can’t fly the drone without a phone. So we’re going to go back, and get my phone let’s go back my way back home to you this is one of the beautiful perks of taking a red-eye there’s like no lineup go ahead check your bag, and get on the flight just doing some airport tricks yeah yeah, I’ll break the news. So we don’t have seeds together we did we didn’t do early check-in which we showed up to stop it stop.

And So we are now in like separate seats she. So being super Canadian enjoying some authentic Canadian food cuisine culture only here that’s him Tim Hortons wait a bit of a delay with all of laura’s criminal convictions it took a bit longer to get through oh yeah. I won’t tell him about the colonel delicious yeah this is our boarding gate where is everyone help.


So Abby got 45 confused with 48. Because the four was followed by a five it means it’s 45 it was followed by the 80 you’re lucky. But why don’t we have a mind shift the location of the emergency exits on this s 321 there are four exits.

I didn’t sleep no. I did work, And I I’ve said it.

So many times many bless best blog my best blog this one is actually my best ever blowing game it’s actually. So good. So I haven’t slept yet it’s 8 in the morning but.

I’m fired up really excited about this blog, and, I’ll have it done before we get to Punta Cana. So we’re in Toronto right now. But we board our next one in two hours, and that will take us to beautiful Dominican Republic.

I’m home guys. I was actually born Mississauga Ontario yeah, and here we are not in the airport. I was born in the hospital oh right gone back may seem crazy you guys.

But we just flew six hours, and we’re only like 2/3 across the country like Canada is big it’s the second-largest country right behind Russia Canada is only a population of 35 million people 35 million people living in the second-largest country in the world you got a lot of room be efficient. I’ve ever taken making our way downtown walking fast laura passes, and she’s home now you guys this is like the number one Canadian statistic. I’ve ever heard the secret is not eating let’s get lost arjan event a hayloft what’s coochie ready for the humble rate only $325.

And I look what’s pretty much realer Methos air yawns sister is actually the founder of Victoria’s Secret he created it out of his basement when he had nothing. And I cannot tell you the secret madam my father is the only one who knows the secret. I got a secret for you myself he actually is the one you created the Bell Billy you call it my fuzzy he owns 15 of them.

I am like starting to hit it slump. And I’m getting real tired now. But got power through probably go to bed pretty early tonight click play it by ear finally made it it’s been a long travel day about four, and a half hours to Toronto to here felt a lot longer here, and not a lot of smoking alright celebrate there’s just a stray cat just chillin in the airport what are you doing okay bad news Abby’s bags not here.

And I almost had bad news. I went to the front desk to basically tell them that I’d forgotten my GoPro on the last flight like. I’ve just been.

So tired. And I thought for sure. I left my GoPro turns out it was in my bag.

So good news for me today no where is it that’s never fun way to start a trip. So Abby’s Maine stowaway bag was lost we don’t know hopefully it wasn’t taken by someone who it’s just in Toronto, and we get it delivered to us tomorrow by the way there’s no more flights coming in here today. So it won’t be getting just till tomorrow.

But it socks is like of course don’t have any of your stuff with Excel. So he’s gonna drive us at the hotel bazaar it’s not as hot as the Philippines probably like 27 28 degrees right now it’s definitely hot especially being jeans thank you sir resilience is out hello look at this poor we’re here at Occidental Occidental, I’ll have to get back to you on our grounds. But this is where we’re gonna be staying for the next seven days guys.

So everything from like flying the drone around chillin in the pool it’s all-inclusive. So we’ll be eating way too much make some tacos burritos margaritas she might just be wearing sweatpants the entire week little bomb itches no makeup she doesn’t know. I do any makeup oh sorry ready to this the Royal Club excited for this week.

So the Occidental has basically hooked us up with their best of the best. So we’re in the Royal section which means we have like this dedicated pool dedicated restaurants bar etc let’s go take a look at the suite welcome to CTV cribs. So this here is where.

I’m going to be eating you got some spirits in snap it’s been a while since we ate living room where you have friends over throw harder you get opportunities this huge sprawling balcony oh she’s right over there we got the beach it’s the pool in here we got the master bedroom of course we’ll be master bedroom without decorative salon that are in love look at that, and then coming in here we got that bathroom though got that toilet bathtub showers, and then a dedicated shower is an amazing suite. And I’m really excited for the next week now unfortunately with Abby not having your luggage we have to deal with a bit of annoyingness that you wouldn’t really want when you’re on vacation. But we need to go find her some clothing some necessities.

So the Dominican Republic is very well known for their red rum. I’m pretending to be like an alcohol connoisseur but I know nothing alcoholic honest.

I like surfers. I generally just drink whatever’s cheapest the resort in a nutshell we’re staying right here, and there’s like a massive jogging track all around the resort. But most excitingly number six is the taqueria we’re obsessing myself is we love Mexicans Mexican food, and Mexicans.

I love them. I love them we’re gonna build a wall but I love them today.

So you guys are ever wondering like if you want to wear boys clothes I’d be your girl take your boyfriend shorts, and hike them up girl only rode down there. I don’t know where to go we will meet again huh got some live music with your tacos just saying. I find the time thing time change is actually affected.

I feel like. I’m like in the days right now we can call cheese the Daniels nacho cheese check it out. I got the burrito towers this is amazing just beautiful white sand, and tomorrow morning you guys will see how beautiful beaches what’s out there.

I think there’s salsa lessons at uh Hey. So we’re just here before the rhinos. But rooms like this one are getting totally just swag gonna be putting in big TVs minimalistic design jacuzzis on the balconies.

So we’re just here at at early. But in the meantime we get to enjoy what’s still a beautiful place, and say goodnight to this one. I am running on three hours of sleep over the past two days.

So it’s time for me to go to bed you guys have good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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