Taurus something tells me you’re not fitting down here who’s saying that at night time the Americans basically lost control of these war zones because of yet new he’s just knew it. So well oh my gosh that’s a nightmare like what that’s lip. I would think that’s like a rabbit’s hole Majan they had to make a tourist tunnel.

I guess when they first opened he said, it’s like 19 centimeters by 20 centimeters wide. So no one would try it because it was simply too small to get in but they’ve made one bigger. So we can get an idea of what it looked like but he was saying stuff like that basically the Americans would see it.

And but by the time the Americans got here all the guerrilla fighters would be underground. And the Americans would try to throw grenades down there. And all that would do is simply collapse the entrance.

And they’ve just rebuild the following day. And they did all their work at nighttime which is when the Americans were not fighting oh yeah it goes both ways too oh my gosh that is my worst of worst nightmares well. I mean no more than the average person but.


I don’t think anyone would like to go down there he was saying that the American soldiers basically would come from over there or whatever in the American the guerilla fighters would be shooting. And they could shoot the Americans well before they could ever see the guerrilla fighters. And one of the guerrilla fighters get close enough they simply take off down those little tunnels.

And they can go up to a kilometer away. And I think you said the entire canal are the entire tunnel system is 250 kilometers worth of tunnels which is crazy. And they connect to six villages all around the Saigon area oh that’s a dream tunnel.

So this is a tank that ran over a landmine. And, it’s actually where it was when this took place years ago this is. So fascinating Abby look how thick this steel is on this.

And yet these guerrilla fighters literally were out to destroy some of the finest American weapons unbelievable it actually talks a lot about how the guerrilla fighters would find you know bombs. And munitions from fallen other soldiers that are American or from planes that were shot down tanks that were broken. And they would actually take all their munitions.

And repossess them. And it showed a clip of the guerrilla fighters actually basically taking all these guns. And all these bombs.

And making them into their own little booby traps and. So you saw them like taking American missiles hiding them underground with like a tripwire you saw them taking mines. And setting them up against the Americans it was really interesting to see action this is put into the hole 1.

And 1/2 we do you see the traffic you can fit hope on the top easily get in. And difficult to get out normally just bring together go to the hospital. And here you see the seesaw banner once.

I had a last the other side ahead see Wow. So so they did all this beat. And they didn’t want to kill the soldiers they wanted this to scare the soldiers right you want to bring them back carry him back much more yeah.

And last but not least the door trap when someone will come through the door of a house this would come swinging back at the soldier this was a terrible place to invade. I just asked if there was any bombs dropped in this area. And he said there was about half a million tons of bombs.

And based on the last thing. I saw. I saw a world war two the entire ally team dropped.

I think six hundred thousand. So that’s almost the same amount that was dropped in all of World War two just in this one little village area but ideally when they cut things like many. I see that many people died while trying people kept on the lead other’s minds around they’re still in Cambodia yeah that’s good there’s only 10 percent of the by the bombs remaining around here mine’s yeah just stick to the path you should be okay, we’re now heading to the shooting range how much for the machine gun three 300 that’s a lot okay this here is.

I don’t know how well you can see it but this is from a 250 kilogram bomb that was dropped. And it made a massive crater here in the earth crazy yeah we just got ice-cream lives a lot better if we could have shot a gun for like $20 but instead we got ice cream down the fighting Booker made it for because we cannot fit anything else see this is much better is how it should have been done second be a guerrilla fighter is this what it would have looked like for the other tunnels this one’s much nicer how you doing okay yeah how’s Goliath doing how’s Goliath this is difficult no backpack Wow oh my god oh it feels. So good to be out freedom Oh take that off my career path.

I am NOT a guerrilla fighter, I’m gonna stick to accounting Abby we literally went from dye group over there to here there’s another big bomb yeah this part of the village is full of giant bomb craters. And you can actually see right here he’s might be able to see it there’s a bit of smoke coming out they actually basically re navigated all the smoke. So they were cooking underground.

And they’d have a series of bamboo sticks that would basically lead the smoke to come out of different points. So it didn’t give away the position of the underground tunnels just like after the killing fields. And the storm hit, we’re about to get hit with the storm as we finish our tour here at the tunnels it was actually.

So cool we learned so much. And saw a lot of amazing things Abby final comments before the battery dies Kendra peace out a town we are heading back into town back to Ho Chi Minh City.

And we’ll see you later within a matter of seconds that turned into a massive storm. And it actually really hurt on the skin to keep moving. So we had to pull over here under shelter.

And, we’re going to weight it up we finally got off the main road in Ho Chi Minh. And accident craziest traffic. I’ve ever seen it probably in the world, it’s like all motorcycles.

And they’re going wherever they want both sides are Oh like they’re going on coming. And incoming lanes like it is ridiculous they’ll actually pull into your lane. And do a u-turn in your lane.

So they can start going back. I think it makes no sense there’s actually no rules this is a calmer street. So it doesn’t give a full representation but like there are motorcycles cars.

And pedestrians competing for the road. And like anyone will just pull in front of you if you have to be ready to like either stop or like go into oncoming traffic. I don’t know, it’s actually very fun as an experience by here like.

I love it. I think, it’s super fun this is not for everyone though this is some of the most chaotic shops in the world it is, it’s crazy. I actually really like coach even though, it’s been super cool.

So far really nice, we’ve been warned to be careful with our stuff. So I found like a really tight grip on my GoPro because there’s a lot of people that will like grab your phone or your bag or your GoPro as they’re driving by. So you gonna be walking careful of snatch sneaks but.

I still have it.

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