Beyond the Board Skate Montage

I actually started skating. Because I looked out the window, and saw a guy pushing by just the way he was pushing it was like whoa.

I was cool. I want this board after that. I think a skateboarding is a martial art more than a sport like something you practice you don’t play with you know like you’ve never mastered your skateboard, and that’s what makes it cool it’s a never-ending artform.

Beyond the Board Skate Montage Photo Gallery

I’ve been skateboarding at this park since. I was 4 years old, and it’s awesome to keep progressing 15 years later at the same old Park one of the tricks that you do or just imaginary to just thinking about stuff, and you can go up, and try it see if it works if you’re not a skateboarder you wouldn’t think that way. So getting in the air grabbing your board, and spinning around internal, and back on it just makes it feel good in skating my whole life, and, I’ll skate my whole life that’s not on the board, and teaching others how to ride it.

I’ve been teaching for five years at a theme park, and yeah just reading the new generation grow up it’s really cool to see all these 15 16 year old kids that are feeling just how underappreciated skateboarders are in the world, and how much time, and effort they put into practicing.

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