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We’re on our way to go rent some motorcycles, we’re going to go to PI today which is further up north. And laura has recovered she was throwing up like all night ain’t gonna better now. So this is our bike the first time, we’ve rented something that’s not the bare minimum scooter they actually ran out of the smaller scooter.

So, we’ve got the next thing up which is 150 cc Honda. And we rented from KPD. And KPD was like really really good.

I would definitely recommend renting from them if you need to rent a bike in Chiang Mai. And yeah. So, I’m thinking about ten dollars a day for this thing.

So, we’re now on Road 1095 which is the road that takes us to PI, it’s the one that’s really well-known for all the sharp turns. And curves. So there’s gonna be a lot of nice riding the bike.

So far is pretty good actually, it’s not incredibly powerful but, it’s definitely nice to be on a bigger bike because Abby’s got to sit on the back. And I carry the huge backpack. So her back’s already sore it would have been a lot worse if we had a tiny little 2-bike but uh yeah yeah you’re gonna get have a little break here at this coffee shop apparently the road here has 462 curves.

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And that was curve number one just up there. So, we’ve got a few more hours of curves about two hours to get to PI. And Abby is already falling apart yeah how much for gasoline how much for one liter come on count.

So, we’re doing our first pit stop, we’re almost there. I think well not really we saw it like another hour probably there’s about 40 kilometers left of this awesome roadway this is the best biking. I’ve ever done the roads are.

So curvy. And like the world rather pretty well room maintained to actually really well hey we’ll do two to two litre yeah. So we just put a hundred baht into the tank which probably should get us it’ll definitely get us thing this is so surreal, we’re like 13 kilometers away from pi. And already you can already see like pretty much all the way out in the countryside away from pretty much just about any civilization. So we just started driving through pi.

And, it’s got so much personality like everyone has their own sculptures of different random things like, it’s just. So trend there’s a random shirt here at the hostel.

And, it’s from White Rock British Columbia which is the little suburb we live in. So, we’ve been this one by now for about four hours we checked into our place. And, it’s absolutely horrific like it’s so scary, we’re going to get a new place tomorrow but it was just too much of a hassle to find anyone for tonight. I know we look like, we’re loners but we do have friends here, we’ve seen a couple times tonight but because we actually came up separate times, we’ve kind of like lost everyone. And then, we’re like an hour behind them on everything like dinner’s going out but, we’re going to go back to our hostel.

And hang out with them now. And yeah our place is like the total is just a nightmare, we’ve got like bugs in the same a bug under the bed what else it just, it’s guilty.

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