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Everyone looks forward to a holiday abroad whether it’s in the sun on the Mediterranean or a skiing holiday in the Alps. You get organised, the packing is complete, the currency changed, passports safely in your hand luggage, but have you really got everything you need? Here are our top four holiday essentials to make your holiday even better!

The Beach Towel Clip
Chasing down the beach after your towel is never fun, especially when it means that you’re leaving all your valuables behind. Get up and go for a walk on the beach with ease, knowing that your towel will still be left where you put it with the Beach Towel Clip. This nifty invention is light enough to put in your luggage but sturdy enough to use on even the windiest of days! Check it out here!

The Portable Battery Charger
It’s horrible when you’ve no charge on your battery, especially whilst on holiday. If you need to keep in touch whilst travelling, then why not invest in one of the Portable Battery Chargers available. We’ve found one here, but there are many variations that are just as good. Budget friendly and convenient, you’ll never lose touch whilst on the go!

Pocket WiFi
Forget looking around for free WiFi for half of your holiday and instead grab a Pocket WiFi. You can connect all of your devices, plus your friends and families devices. With low cost rates in all of the popular destinations you can save as much as 85% on the cost of accessing the internet while you are away from home. Find out more here.

The Beach Vault
You might have to wait a little longer for this one, but production will begin soon on the Beach Vault, which is an innovative way to keep your valuables hidden from view on the beach! It screws tightly into the sand, concealing your goodies from prying eyes, and comes with a specially designed beach towel so that you can access your items such as mobile phones, and cash from under the pillow part of the towel.

So there you have it. Some great holiday essentials to reduce holiday stress and ensure you have a great time. If you didn’t pack them this year, then make sure you do next time!

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