Hey everyone, and it is a nice sunny day here in Whistler where.

I get your butt up got some beautiful artwork here it’s a lovely little elk gorgeous alright let’s get going. So we are now heading off to go ziplining yeah. So my Harold the Phillipines post was not done it kept going it went on its little viral run.

And I now have 12,500 likes or kind of like fall wears whatever you want to call it on Facebook. I literally went from having 250 to 12,500 overnight. So pretty wild totally unexpected but.

I’m very thankful, and it’s really cool. Because majority of those people are actually from the Philippines Whistler is actually the big Olympic Village. So in 2010 we had the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, and it was an amazing time one of the best times my life, and Vancouver killed it we got the most gold medals in a Winter Olympic ever out of any country in our own country.

So it was a really big year we kept winning everything, and Whistler Village was one of the main hubs where they had lots of the events in the athletes day. And So you’ll see lots of things like the Olympic rings are here we slew let me out here we have arrived so. We’ve just been dropped off here we are now at the Cougar Mountain base where we will be getting all of our ziplining gear.


And I just remembered. I was actually here a couple years ago to do snowmobiling that was one of the coolest things ever done Whistler we’re with the Superfly zipline group. So it’s.

So awesome that they invite us to come check out their facility it’s absolutely beautiful, and today we have a private tour of the zipline. So super excited about that slippery out Lauren show us the outfit of the day you look like a sumo wrestler. So we are getting all set up with our helmets here.

Because we are taking a quick ride to get to the zip lines on that three seats in the back two in the we are way out. So this is our view now we took this here a little basically like a snow tank, and it drove us about 15 20 minutes up the hill, and now we have the entire nature to ourselves how neat is that my gosh you see a yellow line if you stick to the left-hand side of that we’re ready oh my god that’s crazy is this like how long is it zip line 1.2 kilometers what about the valley for any to know oh my gosh this must be one of the biggest in the country it’s the highest in the country yeah this is also a tandem zip line or.

And I will be having a little zip race down to the bottom that was as close as, I’ll ever come to flying that is amazing 1 point 2 K, and I’d say under a minute, and a half we went as fast as 80 kilometers an hour at some point p.m. all right we are at the next dip line line number 2 race one of the song.

So it’s just lonely don’t laugh oh geez this is the longest one in all of Canada in the way through you six, and a half hours later oh that’s so sick yeah, and you’re free yeah you guys welcome to Godzilla good all right this is a bit of a beast we gonna be walking at the tail of the monster today. So take secretory on track number three the fastest of all of them it’s a very steep, and sure.

I’m gonna sleep snake addicting are we ready we’re ready are you sure. I’m positive yeah we’re all ready. So I’m gonna count you down are you ready right three that one was.

So quick at the end here it’s like a really steep one, and very short run. And So you just come slamming into the end we made it. So the zipline is the last one, and it’s close enough together that we can hold hands while going down we are in luck, and we go below the trees in this one, and this is our last line with Superfly Whistler incredible zip lines.

And I highly recommend it ocean view excellent alright you ready we’re ready ready yeah this is what love is all about the scariest part was when I had to let go of your hand Lord God is our last zipline amazing such an incredible time see you later Abby it’s midnight Sonia the last plane takes us all the way back to base camp where we first caught that giant ski mobile on steroids it’s been an amazing time super fly Whistler it’s super fly clever. I know mission accomplished we did oh my gosh.

I just saw a bear run by where did it go there it is Ron it’s a black bear we Came we saw we conquered Superfly Whistler. I got stuck with the truth now we’re heading all right we’re back in whistler village now the shuttle dropped us off down here it’s about a 15 minute bus ride to get back here, and today we’re pretty much actually celebrating my 10,000 subscribers on my blog which. I have now surpassed that Abby was in Vegas when.

I hit 10,000. So we can celebrate immediately. But today has been organized by Abby, and now we just did some blip lining my spa later yeah we’re going to the spa now.

So now. I’m later we’re gonna grab some lunch first. But today is off to an amazing start.

And So much more to come stay stay tuned. So I just ordered the Toblerone here which is Kahlua Bailey’s, and hot chocolate, and Abby just got hot chocolate marshmallows. I’m a Charles okay.

I’m not the kind of person who blogs while eating. So I’m gonna put this away like a huge thing of snow just fell off the roof Brent fennel or you okay anyways we’re just hanging out the car. Because cushions answering emails.

So this car just automatically started on its own, and we’re like what the heck really getting out of Abby’s car oh you must have hit the ignition thing. So Abby just well there’s like a little button here Abby must have automatically started the car no license actually nope anyways Abby just started some his car they’re gonna be out of gas by the time they get back foot. I don’t know.

But this Chris turn on zone, and you you touched it nope there they are those people must have started it while they did they started the car with their fob from long range like they must have been like. I don’t know a few hundred meters away cuz it took them like five minutes to get to the car a bit less took like three minutes to get to the car that’s cool future though. Because if you live out in the cold it’s nice you could start it from your garage, and have the car heating while you’re getting ready in the morning we have just arrived here at Scandinavia okay apparently we have to walk through the enchanted forest first alright guys.

So says here welcome to our haven of peace, and quiet one of the rules here is that once you enter the spa you’re not allowed any electronics won’t be able to do any blogging in there unfortunately but I can tell you how it is after that once we get in, I’ll have to lock up my phone my camera, and everything that makes me live. So quiet we are now signing into the Scandinavia, and we’re getting set up with our towels all right.

So we’re all set up with our towel gear like a little sanctuary it’s time for Lauren iets go enjoy all the amenities here. And I’m not allowed to bring any of this equipment outside as. I said earlier also it’s a silent spa.

So we’re not even allowed to talk to each other once right there or within reason you’re supposed to be fairly quiet. So we’re gonna be respectful leave a life stuff behind here, and, I’ll let you know how it goes see you in a couple hours just finished up in the spa we were here for about two hours. And So how it works is like there’s cycles right.

So you go from the change room you get into your bathing suit, and then you go to the steam room or the sauna you spend about 15 minutes get your body temperature up until you want to get out, and then from there you go to a cold bath. So they’ve got like three or four cold baths, and one of them has a giant waterfall. And So it’s called like the Nordic waterfall you get in there, and your body temperature just drops immediately like you’re freezing.

I stayed in for maybe ten seconds, and then ran to the hot tub. And So you go from there into either the solarium where you can just like relax, and kind of bring your body temperature back to normal or you can go to the hot tub early recommend the Scandinavia hot date, and they’re not exactly a great conversationalist you know not it not too bright this is perfect you come here they’re not even allowed to talk to you you get to check them out all day in a bathing suit, and relax together another great idea is keep a good book. I wish.

I brought a book Abby. So some from The Hunger Games to the drunk the drunk counselor guy like the guy gives him advice right to come in the pizza just arrived. And I am done blogging for the night today it’s been awesome.

And I’ve got nothing more to say see you guys in the next blog Pizza goals oh oh he’s taking turns. I can get way less di.

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