Hey this morning things didn’t go as planned you in total 32 is about a 1030 outfit falls, and we all slept for breakfast, and then by the time we woke up we woke up to the second conscious. So the tour has gone off well that’s okay we still have another two days I time here actually might be cut a short which is unfortunate. But the way we got here was by the ocean, and the ocean was really tough that’s not exactly how we want to go back.

And So the only flight available. So we found. So far is leaving a day earlier batgirls here – we’re going to cross on the kayaks going to leave yonder resort, and go into the wilderness going to be dangerous is going to be lots of adventure, and danger but.

I’m going to do it for the long haul right Abby you want to come on a kayak or an adventure on adventure the seven seas alright here’s my partner in crime like Davy he’s a full time best Boy Scout coz how to start a fire with a fire starting kit or. I might now let’s take this one okay let’s so screw up my camera gear all over it couple paddles ping soap, and the sun’s coming out going be good alright night we are ready for adventure welcome to the private Lagoon we just realized we totally forgot sunblock luckily we got beachfront estate.

HOW TO LIVE ON AN ISLAND – San Blas Islands Photo Gallery

So we’re going to get our peasants to throw some sunscreen flora you’ve been summoned the 50 SPF sunscreen yeah you throw it to us all right Sheila oh don’t forget me, and we are ready to go just beneath your hands. I’m putting my camera down now please we’ll speed ahead robbing is made too far away to ever make it back. I hope she grows old, and meets the man she dreams of goodbye Abby the knife-throwing you well-stirred alright guys.

We’ve been on the water now for about three months, and we are going through the marshes a civilization in sight voila Oh oh my gosh those birds get the gravity we can’t believe we made it out alive solid people locals on a canoe go through the bush gotta follow them. So we’re going in there. I have no idea what they went in there to do my only concern is with jumping fish that are surrounding us what if they’re promised the guys told us there’s a river nearby, and in the river you can find alligators.

I don’t know maybe they wouldn’t come here. Because this is like earth this isn’t the river but I don’t want to get attacked by an alligator.

I Blake you got to keep this thing straight. I’m blogging these are mom gross, and they’re actually trees that grow in the water we made it through. I was like a little hidden shortcut no there what the heck.

So right now these guys are just fishing they’ve got two sticks, and it looks like there’s a net attached on to the other end of it alright. So now we’re fighting the current, and right there at the island we’re going to go check out alright so. We’ve just poured it on the land, and unlike our beautiful islands this one’s not exactly as well kept.

I think it’s the garbage coming in primarily from the current. But we’re going to ignore that, and head further into the islands when I was a kid what.

I would see on the Discovery Channel, and on the history planet like all that stuff you’d see these remote distant locations, and in your mind you’re like oh, I’ll never get to see that in real life like if you want to do it it’s not as inaccessible as it used to be or as one would think here we are we simply went to Panama City paid a couple hundred bucks, and we’re here in these extremely remote untouched Islands it’s definitely cool for those of you who want to do that kind of thing. So I picked up this here variable ND filter on amazon the other day, and what it does is basically. I can actually reduce the amount of light going into the lens.

Because places like this is just. So great the camera doesn’t handle it very well. So this is like before if.

I was shooting it settings. I would like to be at this is after. But see it’s variable.

So I can actually make it darker alright guys back by popular demand. We’ve got some ants here it looks like they are a bit less organized in the last ants they seem like they’re running in circles. But still very cool.

Because I love ant there is a well it’s not that big. But it’s a pretty big spider right there. I’m going to leave this out abort abort my question would be how do you spiders spread from island to island you know like did they swim here there baby no all right.

So we found the fisherman again this time they’re out of their canoe they’re really putting in the good effort here to catch them fish these cows can boys can only take so much. I’m dr.

Shuren all the way back there all right guys willing to survive we need to get back in the game right out. I can’t believe we made it oh good head who’s up for a game of drink severe kick pull Abby we’re alive she acknowledges that we’re live she seems happy things are good here on the island. So last night around midnight we woke up.

And I actually would’ve been late it would have been like 3:00 in the morning we woke up to just like these loudest rain coming down on the roof, and we’re like freaking out. Because I have my camera gear laying all over this place in my mind. I’m like what if there’s somewhere in the roof that leaks.

Because if you look at it not exactly like modern-day construction. But luckily. I have to say they built this place very well there was not a single leak in this place, and it sounded like it was pouring.

I honestly love the sound of rain. And So going back to bed to rain was just like the best thing buddy up – yeah. So like you want to tell us how did the soccer golf game go hi the Blake’s been keeping track on his iPhone he’s like oh.

I must have talked about it like the square bar is gone he deleted it you’ll be like it’s lunchtime the lunch conch has been blown man thanks for lunch today they got some Brad Pitt you look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid why would you. I’m here alright guys bye Abby let’s go dr. score here.

We’ve managed to miss all the others finally made it on a trip we went through it second mother day we’re not going to bomb row right over here in a row vector, and then directed. I think it’s called a mangrove moreover mangroves, and the puzzle wildlife delivers whispers apparently Balenciaga that near the river, and their alligators in the main group take those with you. And I think that’s a sea cucumber ah Thank You covers for everyone could you go on it you’re a start on us.

So this is a sea urchin guys it’s extremely poisonous. But if you pick it up from the bottom it should be safe guys look at that right there. I was like is that a log, and then everyone looks, and then the guide is the folder that is a caiman alligator this wing is rocky whatever we were swimming in earlier holy not sure if we’re going to get sunset tonight unfortunately it’s a little overcast.

But let’s see what Abby’s enough you it isn’t sleeping beauty oh. I feel more than pleased. I swear, and this intro made really have some baby lobsters it was like melted butter on top how many, and then

I think it was like some sort of a yam or six make really good tree mail we have been really creation we made like everything. I think is taught from the locals here, and grown by the local here, and delicious. I’m really surprised like.

I’ve generally my biscuity when it comes to seafood. But everything here is the parrot is really not quick what do you got well. I’m.

So nice the cocoon of a church to measure how the Kuna people dive down, and goes how do they capture with Metzger with feel ah we’re done you know Wow 90 meters hey mom you can’t win can you go not yet do they have a charcoal Wow okay we’re cool thank you the free divers yeah.

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