So last night. I got up at like 3:00 in the morning trying to deal with his holding the cigarette thing basically. I was able to get it back. And then within probably an hour the guy took it back. So he reacted. I finally kind of got security... Read more
Trips To Paris France

Trips To Paris France

Blog November 22, 2018 0

NORTH TO MONTMARTRE Lycee Condorcet, rue Caumartin Brongniart, 1781-3 Jostled by Prisunic, nudged by Au Printemps, this is the best neo-Classical building in Paris. It was built as a Capuchin convent and is one of those pre-Revolutionary buildings which re-stated the parts of classical architecture with a terrible simplicity.... Read more
How to Travel in United Kingdom
LOST IN LONDON Perdóname hello sir welcome to the United Kingdom’s okay. We’ve made it safely 13 hours later was it 13 hours no oh nine hours later. I slept, and watched yes man. I had three seats all to myself. I just like sprawled out it was amazing.... Read more