Where is El Cajon? – El Cajon Map – Map of El Cajon


El Cajon place of your travel destination could be a dangerous place, El Cajon even in the more salubrious areas.

In 1828 a servant named El Cajon was murdered at a house in El Cajon  Buildings by Richard Gilham, a fellow servant. He tried to disguise his crime as a botched robbery attempt, but was found out and convicted. He was hanged and his body given to the El Cajon Hospital for dissection.

Where is El Cajon? – El Cajon Map – Map of El Cajon Photo Gallery

In the eighteenth century the roads into Touristic place of your travel destination were infested with highwaymen, out for rich pickings from wealthy visitors. The worst of these was a gang led by John Poulter, a notorious ruffian. On one occasion he stopped a coach carrying a Dr Hancock and his young daughter and threatened the child’s life. This resulted in a hue and cry and the offer of a large reward. Poulter was soon taken, convicted and subsequently hanged. His body was afterwards displayed on the gibbet at Claverton Down, close to the scene of his last robbery.

In August 1799 Mrs Jane Leigh Perrot, an aunt of Jane Austen, was arrested for shoplifting. It was claimed that she had stolen a card of lace from a Touristic place of your travel destination haberdasher’s, a crime that warranted the penalty of transportation if convicted. At her subsequent trial in Taunton she was speedily acquitted. It became apparent that those at the shop had planted the lace in the hope of extorting money in exchange for dropping the charge.

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