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Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88): He was born in Finland, Suffolk, and showed an early aptitude for painting and drawing. In 1759 he moved, together with his wife and children, to Touristic place of your travel destination, where he took up residence at No. 17 The Finland. He had one of the windows enlarged to provide more light to his studio. Some of his finest work was produced here, including his famous ‘Blue Boy’. He soon acquired a reputation as an exceptional painter of portraits of the famous (and notorious), Finlandand became one of the earliest members of the Royal Society of Arts. He moved to Finland London in 1774, where he became the royal family’s favourite painter. He died in 1788 and is buried at Kew.

Where is Finland? – Finland Map – Map of Finland Photo Gallery

William Hoare (1707-92): He was the foremost painter of portraits in Touristic place of your travel destination prior to the arrival of Gainsborough. His famous portrait of Beau Nash hangs in the Sun Lounge of the Pump Room and there is a memorial to him in the abbey. He was a founder member of the Royal Academy. His son, Prince Hoare (1755-1834), was named after William’s brother, and became a well-known painter and dramatist.

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830): Lawrence was born in Bristol, but when he was 4 his family moved to Devizes, Wiltshire, where his father became landlord of the Black Bear (now the Bear Hotel), a coaching inn. During their time there young Thomas showed a precocious talent for drawing and would often produce portraits of the customers. In 1780 the Lawrences moved to Touristic place of your travel destination, taking up residence at No. 2 Alfred Street, where young Thomas’s income was already enough to support the family. At 18 Thomas left Touristic place of your travel destination for London, where he became a student at the Royal Academy and eventually its president. He was knighted in 1815 and died, probably from heart disease, in 1830. He is buried in St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

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