Climbing and Trekking Adventure in Northern Thailand

Are you are one of the travelers who like going to parks, hiking, and trekking along thick shrubberies and parks? Try Chiang Mai trekking and Thailand mountains.

Here is uplifting news for you. Northern Thailand is there to give you extreme delight when on vacation.

The place has a decent number of things to offer. A portion of the travelers’ fascination sites incorporates, mountains-in northern Tai zone, several parks, and waterways among others. This place could be marked as one of the best places to visit in Asia.

The following are some of the best places to adventure on your visit to Northern Thailand.

Chae Son National Park

Chai, Son National Park is one of the astonishing parks in Northern Thailand that give fantastic trekking and climbing openings which offers adventurous experience to guests. The extremely mountainous, the recreation center is situated around 50 kilometers toward the eastern side of Chiang Mai City. This place is trendy among the locals. However, many vacationers don’t know about this astounding park.

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How to Get There

The Chae Son National Park is situated in the northern part of the Lampang province. The highway 1035 cuts directly through the region. The park is located along this main road and on your way, you will come across signposts for the park with appropriate directions.

Top Places to Adventure in the Park

On your visit to the Chae Son National Park, you can take an adventure in the following areas.

• Chae Son Hot Springs

The park is a host of its “namesake”- the Chae Son Hot springs. The hot springs are one of the leading vacation destinations’ in the recreation center. It is situated in a rocky place with a good number of pools of water. As per the relevant reports, extreme warmth escapes from the underground warming the pools. The pools can heat up to 80-100 degrees centigrade depending on the seasons. The water is extremely hot for showering. On that note, visitors are advised not to make direct contacts with the water because their skins may get devoured. The water in the hot springs is always at a constant temperature and can cook eggs very well. You can carry a few eggs with you to this place or get them from the nearby shops in the recreation center. Note that eggs cooked at consistent temperatures are very delicious.

• Waterfalls and Caves

Trekking around the Chae parks takes you to the magnificent waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls you can adventure in the recreation center incorporate, Chae Sawn, Mae Mon Waterfall, Mae Koon Waterfall, and Mae Big Waterfall. The waterfalls have an awe-inspiring environment and staying there influences you to feel in paradise.

Camping at the Chae Son Park

There is a vast clean camping space at Chae Son Park. Its spacious environment allows setting up of a tent and onsite washrooms. The place is secure to spend a couple of nights camping. There are camping tents at the main reception of the park. You can get them at a pocket-friendly price.

Mae Wang

Mae Wang National Park covers an area of around 700 square kilometers. The recreation center is encompassed by Pa Mae, Pa Mae Khan-Mae, Khan-Mae Wang and Pa Chmthong National Conservation Forest. Its topography is mountainous ranges lying along the north-south line.

Going to the recreational center gives you a chance to climb the most astounding mountains in Thailand. Doiphatang is one of the highest peaks with the stature of around 1909 meters above the sea level. Other intriguing mountains to climb includes, Nammaejam, Nammaewang, Nammaetun and many others.

Step by Step Instructions to Get There

Mae Wong National Park head office is found 20 km south of Klong Lan in Kamphaeng Phet territory. Driving from Bangkok, take interstate no.1 (toward the north) to Nakon Sawan. Keep driving on expressway no.1 (now the street is going north-west) for ten more kilometers till you meet thruway no.1072 (toward the west or to one side). Take after the parkway no.1072. You will pass Lad Yao. After Lad Yao another 50 km will take you to a crossing point. Take the thruway no.1072 sign (this opportunity toward the north or on your right side). 43 km all the more driving will convey you to Klong Lan. At Klong Lan turn left (toward the south-west) into expressway 1117 for the last 20 km to the recreation center head office.

Climate of Mae Wag

The weather is a bit warm during the summer season, i.e., May to may. It’s rainy from June to November and. The place is cold from December to February.

Contact Address

Mae Wong National Park

P.O. Box 29 Klong Lan district,

Kamphaeng Phet 62180

Tel: 055-719 010, 719 01

Pha Daeng National Park

Heading toward the northern Chiang Mai will see you get to the Pha Daeng National Park. Going to this spot gives you a chance to experience trekking routes that are rarely visited by many vacationers. As you trek around the park, you will get an opportunity to enjoy bareback elephant riding at some point. The service is managed by the local villagers who are not profit-oriented instead; they are interested in giving an enabling environment to the guests to have a ton of fun. Furthermore, you will get a chance to explore the neighborhood tourists’ attractions like waterfalls, caves, local villages, farmlands with rice plantations and high mountains of Thailand.


The park is located in the Mountain range that extends to Doi Pha and Doi Chiang Dao respectively. It covers an area of 1154 square kilometers.

Places to Visit

The following are some of the top places to adventure in Pha Daeng National Park

• You Doi Tuay View Point

• 45th km View Point and

• Pang Tong Waterfall

Contact Address

Pha Daeng National Park

Muang Na sub-district, Chaing Dao district

Chaing Mai 50170

Phone: 053-317 498, 053-261 466

Doi Inthanon National Park

The Doi National Park is also called “The Roof of Thailand.” The recreation center is situated in Chiang Mai Province in the northern part of Thailand. It is assessed to cover a region of 482 kilometers square. The recreation center is a part of the Himalayan mountain range, with an elevation range between 800 and 2565 meters. Its highest point is at Doi Inthanon-the highest mountain Thailand. The average temperatures in the recreation center range from 10-12 degrees Celsius. Because of the high altitude, the recreation center encounters cool climate all through.

Instructions to Get There

From Chiang Mai, take expressway 108 towards Chom Thong. At km 57 (1 km before Amphur Chomthong) take a correct swing to interstate 1009 (the Chomthong – Doi Inthanon Road). At km 31 of this street is the recreation center’s headquarters.

Attractions in Doi Inthanon National Park

The park has so many attractions some of them include:

Flora and Fauna

The recreation center is host to diverse fauna and flora that add the aesthetic value of the recreation center making it engaging and enrapturing. As you trek around the recreation center, you will encounter evergreen timberland, pine backwoods, and deciduous species like teak, mountain pine among others.

Furthermore, you will see beautiful blooms, for example, phycastylis, rhododendron, and Vanda. In the higher elevations, you will discover greeneries like osmunda and sphagnum. The recreation center is likewise a home of such a large number of creatures. Research from Mahindo University demonstrates that the recreation center has increasingly that 362 types of animals. Some of the creatures accessible in the recreation center incorporates, serow, tigers, deer, wild pigs, Siamese, rabbit, fowl, gibbons, and numerous others.

Doi Inthanon Summit Ang Ka Luang Nature Trail

It is situated toward the end of street 1009, with 2565 meters over the ocean level, it is the most high top in Thailand.

Other than the Summit, there is a promenade nature trail called Ang ka Nature Trail. This place has a supernatural environment that interests a significant portion of the guests. On the off chance that you like watching winged creatures, then this site is highly recommended for you.


Most of the waterfall in the park are accessible. It takes you a few minutes to reach most of the waterfalls from the main road. The water-flow do impress especially during the rainy season. The most popular waterfalls in the park includes

• Mae Ya Waterfall

• Mae Pan Waterfall

• Mae Klang Waterfall

• Mae Khun Na Waterfall

• Wang Khwai Waterfall

• Wachirathan Waterfall

• Sirithan Waterfall and

• Siriphum Waterfall

Brichinda Cave

It is a limestone cave located near the visitor center. Trekking to this place from the main road takes you less than half an hour. The cave has two main chambers with a spacious one in the entrance. Trekking around this cave will give you ultimate pleasure.

Contact address

Doi Inthanon National Park

119 Ban-Luang Amphur Chom Thong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50160

Phone: 053-286 728 ~ 9, 053-286 730

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