Map of South Africa

South Africa has a long list of places where travelers can visit and witness the natural beauty of this nation but it won’t be possible for anyone to explore the entire place as part of their vacation. See top 3 places to visit in South Africa.

Kruger National Park

Imagine a tract of land equal to the size of Israel and which inhibits the big five (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo). This place is National Park and its definitely the best known in South Africa. The name of this park is Kruger National Park and it is situated in the North East part of South Africa.

Cape Town
Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast and Cape Town has changed itself into an extraordinary holiday destination in recent years, with the characteristic preferences of its area now increased by some intriguing guest attractions.

Cape Town is the “Mother City” and is a piece of the travel plans of a shocking 70% of travelers to South Africa from the United Kingdom.

Garden Route

The Western Cape coastline boasts of a great destination point for the tourist in the adventure of the Garden Route. Tourist who look forward for an adventurous and enthusiastic trip full of outdoor sport and beautiful sights, this place is a must visit part of your South Africa trip. When you hop around the coastline, you witness amazing sights of well built small towns with a lot of picturesque. There is a lot of possibility to observe Southern Right Whales from the shoreline as they make their way past.

South Africa Holiday Packages: South Africa is a most popular tourist destination in the world; some most popular South Africa holiday packages from India are mention below:

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