Exploring Pai Pai Canyon

Recovering from food poisoning it’d be like a date it like start feeling better we had a really late start to the day but just had breakfast.

And now, we’re gonna take the bike out. So, we’re like in the middle of nowhere. And I now see almost as.

And as he almost has an empty tank you ready all right currently in the middle of a little tiny village in pie we just stopped at a little local corner store get some water. And espresso hello, we’re up at this monastery. And all of a sudden.

I hear this bike going like. So fast. And like what the heck is he doing.

And all of a sudden. I look over. And I see just drives into their little little temple here he crashed into the fence of this little prayer sanctuary he’s okay okay let’s get off this monastery land yeah yeah yeah they’re not happy with us here.

I wouldn’t be. So deep in this village of nowhere. And the one white guy who was flying into their monastery yeah you ain’t whole kamikaze into their little prayer monument anyways let’s get out of here he’s pissed sorry here let’s get back in the basehead spy Canyon.

So we sped ahead of the group to make sure we can make it in time before sunset you’ve reached PI Canyon even the sidewalks are windy in pi. So cool oh my gosh that’s. So narrow I’ll do my best not to knock anyone off, I’m glad you have to get a good full that’s.

So cool this is. So amazing across this treacherous path you get to see the pie sunset. And, it’s just setting now behind the clouds.

So, it’s pretty much gone this is. So amazing, we’re very treacherous miss awaits we follow after our friend bailed into that little monk sanctuary we took a bit of time to help him get back on his bike. So, we’ve pretty much missed majority of the sunset but we made it just in time to see a bit of it.

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So that’s good but I think, we’re come back for the sunrise. And yeah we also have another giant Buddha statue just up on the mountain over there.

And, we’re gonna go bike there. And check that out in the morning as well because tomorrow, we’re gonna head back to Chiang Mai take the bike back you’ve got it for another day they’re all industry elephants that are basically taken out of the trade. And brought into like a place where they can just roam.

And be happy be treated well and. So some of the things you do with them is you actually paid them you feed them. And you can ride on them.

And there’s actually one way to do it with them you basically have to ride on their necks rather than having the thing set off on their back which actually after a fan did Li astok sunset these homies are ready to ride let’s cruise that’s not who. I am, it’s not like me. So, I’m a like really high quality knockoff store, I’m not gonna get anything.

I can’t handle any more clothing but they sell vans here for like 30 bucks Nikes 30 bucks they have new DS jeans new DS for like 40 bucks pretty cheap. I guess if you consider the real ones are probably 200 bucks. So you’ve got like literally.

I saw like 10 bugs fly to your hair man Steve Abby’s buying a headband becoming one with the high culture, it’s like really hippie culture here in this little city stuff oh my gosh there’s like a horrifyingly big thing flying around in here oh my gosh what is that oh my gosh, I’m getting out of here it looks like that’s a stinger – looks like an African bee those things that kill people we found this little store that sells little Herschel look-alike bags. And they’re so nice actually they’re really good quality they have little buckle ones lots of really Linux bags.

And they’re probably about 28 or 30 dollars like a bag like this here is about $30 pretty cool again more stuff that. I can’t afford to bring home because. I do not have room.

So Abby. And I are at this special burger place that my friends claims that my friend claims is the best. And they have crocodile they have wild boar venison ostrich.

I think, I’m gonna keep it pretty standard with a beef burger but they get their special burger. So I have. I have unlimited fries an awesome special burger.

And all the sauces you would have back home. I am. So excited only for five dollars after an awesome barbecue pineapple some guy walked out of the massage place.

And his pants fell to his knees. And I asked him what kind of massages you got pretty suspect. I won’t go Lauren.

I just fished their foot massages their one hour long, it’s my second massage in Thailand. And that was completely different than our last experience last time we did a Thai massage. And the little old lady literally ripped my body apart.

And then this one was like really relaxing. And now. I feel really good so.

I enjoyed this a lot more.

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