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By the mid-1700s Bangalore India place of your travel destination had become Bangalore India most fashionable resort. The diversions and entertainments took place under the watchful eye of a Master of the Bangalore India, a post that carried the responsibility for ensuring that appropriate standards of dress and conduct were observed by visitors.


The great Beau Nash, on his appointment as Master of the Bangalore India, drew up his own set of rules covering dress and behaviour which all visitors were expected to obey. These were posted in various locations throughout the town.

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THE RULES OF TRAVEL DESTINATION (By general Consent determin’d)

I. That a Visit of Ceremony at coming to Touristic place of your travel destination, and another at going away, is all that is expected or desired by Ladies of Quality and Fashion – except Impertinents.

II. That Ladies coming to the Ball appoint a Time for their Footmen coming to wait on them Home, to prevent Disturbances and Inconveniences to Themselves and Others.

III. That Gentlemen of Fashion never appearing in a Morning before the Ladies in Gowns and Caps, shew Breeding and Respect.

IV. That no person take it ill that any one goes to another’s play or breakfast, and not to theirs – except captious by nature.

V. That no Gentleman give his tickets for the Balls to any but Gentlemen -N.B. Unless he has none of his acquaintance.

VI. That Gentlemen crowding before Ladies at the Ball, shew ill-manners; and that none do so for the Future – except such as respect nobody but Themselves.

VII. That no Gentleman or Lady takes it ill that another Dances before them -except such as have no Pretence to dance at all.

VIII. That the Elder Ladies and Children be contented with a second bench at the Ball, as being past or not come to Perfection.

IX. That the Younger Ladies take notice how many Eyes observe them -N.B. This does not extend to the Have-at-Alls.

X. That all Whisperers of Lies and Scandal be taken for their Authors.

XI. That all Repeaters of such Lies and Scandal be shunn’d by all Company -except such as have been guilty of the same Crime.

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