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You’ve been planning your event for weeks, months, just a few hours to go

Picture the scene:
What about a nice glass of lukewarm Chianti or sunbathed champagne?.
Perhaps you’d prefer a room temperature (23 degrees Celsius) soft drink?.
Fancy a feast of tepid canap©s and curling cucumber sandwiches to follow?.

Not keen? No, nor are we.

When you host an event there are a myriad of concerns and one of the chief ones should be to serve your esteemed guests food and refreshments that make them smile gratefully, it is simple enough to ensure that these are cool and appetising by thinking ahead, a company like Ice Cool Trailers can remove any refrigeration worries with fridge hire leaving organisers free to work on entertainment, the guest list and marquee or room requirements.

Whatever the size of the function, formal or informal, so whether it’s for a wedding, fete, barbeque, exhibition, fundraiser or a party for friends and relations, the act of thinking ahead and getting mobile fridge hire facilities, which run from the mains or generator power, allows you as the host to be present at your event rather than ensconced in the kitchen or wearing a path between the kitchen and the guests.

Imagine chiller hire being a reason to wipe the smile from a know it all’s face. There’s always one! Just think of them telling people that your party won’t be as good as theirs, that you’ll never cope with the demands of catering for a large number of people, that disaster should be expected and accompanied by the shamefully warm bubblythen dip into your refrigeration trailer and smile. You’ve got it covered.

Fridge hire delivers no warm drinks, no sweating canap©s. Ah, bliss. Everything will taste fresh and you can look smug as people wonder why they never thought of refrigeration hire to save them from hysteria and exhaustion.

Fridge hire is commonly used by hotels and events planners because the organisers understand that without them their day would be much more complicated.

While they often seek chiller hire and cool rooms of 8.5 cubic metres capacity, for domestic requirements they can be as small as 6 cubic metres.

If you’re holding an outdoor party for children, particularly during the long summer holidays, the de rigueur ice cream won’t thank you for letting it thaw out as you serve it and chances are, if it is a sizeable gathering your normal fridge and freezer would soon be groaning under the pressure of so many treats, nibbles and snacks for your little ones and their army of friends.

Chiller hire can truly help a parent deal with unruly nibblers because the food and drinks can be right where the kids are so the likelihood of your interior upholstery being redecorated in party time paw prints is dramatically reduced, they can decorate outside!

Be perfectly cool and calm, Ice Cool Trailers fridge hire and refrigerated trailer hire equals relaxation.

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