Following the VIPs in St. Tropez

St. Tropez (often called Saint Tropez) is a town everybody has somehow heard of, but very few people could actually place it on a map. That is actually a pity, since it is not only one of the most beautiful towns in southern France, but it is also one of the preferred vacation spots for the rich and famous, a well kept secret paradise that harbors the best of the French Joie de Vivre. We lifted the curtain and peeked into the exclusive vacation spot, only to find a beautiful and surprisingly affordable little town that managed to escape the tourism craze without being a backwater town. Follow us in the footsteps of the VIPs and let’s find out what makes St. Tropez so very attractive.

History and Landscape

What began a small fishing town in Ancient Roman times grew to be a very important small city that even was a sovereign state with its own fleet of ships around the 16th century. The rich history can be seen and felt in St. Tropez medieval streets, houses and the grand Citadel of Saint-Tropez towering over the harbor lured many famous men and women to its shores: Coco Chanel, Liam Neeson and Brigitte Bardot are only a few of the many VIPs who are (or were) outspoken fans of the town.

But not only the town, the surrounding countryside is worth a visit, too St. Tropez is part of the region called Provence-Alpes-C´te d’Azur. And yes, the Alps and the world-famous C´te d’Azur are both part of the landscape at St.Tropez. You see why people love it there.

Art, Culture and Clubs

Beside a rich history, St. Tropez is very popular with the artists. You can see many of them painting at the harbor practically every day, trying to capture the essence of famous paintings, like Paul Signacs Harbor of St. Tropez. Beside the painters the town’s 6,000 inhabitants offer a colorful palette of cultural activities that do not only suit the rich and famous, but practically everyone who can appreciate the finer things in life. In fact, St. Tropez is so choke full of things to do and to see that it might be a good idea to get some help beforehand. There are many multi-lingual guides and concierges that will be happy to help you with your planning. A good example for such a go-to person is Sandrine, who about everybody and everything there is to know about St.Tropez. Of course, such services do not come cheap. But don’t hesitate, you don’t need to a Hollywood superstar to find your way around the city. For the more commonly-rich vacationer, there is a very friendly tourist information and tons of good travel guides available.

We would be amiss if we wouldn’t mention the club scene. There are some very exclusive pubs and clubs in the vicinity, plus and this is a real argument for many VIPs one of the most luxurious casinos of the world. Only about 20 miles away casino fans can try their luck at the Le Croisette Casino, which is also known as the Casino St. Tropez, although it is actually Cannes. The St. Tropez Casino is huge and very modern. It offers games for every budget and is a must-see, if you visit the area. The huge success, by the way has spawned an online casino called Casino Tropez, which is also hugely successful.

If you are not into casino games, you will surely find a hip dance bar, a romantic caf© or a good restaurant. There is something for every taste and for every budget, too. So go ahead and choose what you want it is amazing how much there is to do in such a small town. The luxurious Tahiti Beach Club is open as well as the countless small bistros and pubs. And the best part is since most people don’t know St.Tropez or think of it as some sort of high society vacation resort, the town is not overcrowded, even during high season.

and a very Secret Tip

Yes. The small vacation resort has ist own Grand Prix racing course. Fewer that 20 miles north of St.Tropez lies the Circuit Paul Ricard Grand Prix Racing course. This is by the way the reason you’ll see many very cool sports cars around the town. The Paul Richard once was a real Formula One Circuit all in all, 14 Grand Prix races were held here. Today, it is a test and training track for many different racing teams and classes, most of them reside in St.Tropez during their training sessions. You can actually drive the course yourself or even train as a Formula One pilot there!

St. Tropez has to offer something for anybody and for nearly every price range. It is definitely worth a visit whether you want to have an exciting time, a luxury holiday or just want to sit at the harbor and count the famous people strolling by St. Tropez will be your kind of town.

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