Hey guys just checked out of the hotel, and today’s blog is going to be one of the coolest.

So we had some last-minute plans made, and we are going to fly with Papillon helicopter tours today we’re gonna be flying through the Grand Canyon like. I can’t think of a better place to have a helicopter tour in the entire world you have to get on the wait scale before getting on the aircraft we just had our safety briefing we’ll be getting on one of those helicopters in the next five minutes. So we have our PFDs on.

Because we’re gonna be flying over water which is a floatation device. I don’t know if the P stands for Oh Oh unbelievable again the post will not give it credit how beautiful the canyons are simply cannot show the grandeur of it all the flight itself with my first ever on a helicopter incredible experience thank you so much to Papillon helicopter tours they actually fly in las vegas as well.

So you guys are in the Grand Canyon or in Vegas definitely check them out it was totally worth it so much wow. I’m still just in awe about that experience it was.

So incredible when you take off you have a little headset on, and you can talk to each other there’s a little mic. But they play music. And So they were playing Coldplay they’re playing you two beautiful day.


So once you get to the Kenyans they’re playing a cassette that basically explains the history of the Grand Canyon how it was formed, and on the way back after you’ve done the Grand Canyon they play what a beautiful world, and and it’s incredible how fast you’re moving with amazing time thank you poppy on helicopter tours we are finally back in Vegas we’re like five minutes away from our place we’re just stopped at the grocery store getting some dinner, and then we’re gonna go into Vegas tonight’s we’re gonna try out the roller coaster at New York New York the rides to get back was only supposed to be four hours. But we went on the wrong Highway. So when we have the map we have a physical map right here, and it’s like take the 93 cell.

So we took the 93 self to get there. But of course when we’re coming back it becomes the 93 north it’s the opposite. And So I’m like half on my computer, and my mom’s like.

So we take the 93 South right in like yep like not even listening editing, and then of course we start following it for like 20 30 minutes, and then realized oh this is not taking us to Vegas. So that added like an hour to our trip we made it here safely good evening guys. So we are back at her place took a little bit of a break got a blog off, and now we’re heading down to Las Vegas or in philosophy.

I guess. I should say, and we’re gonna grab some dinner. And I might go up tonight we’ll see play it bye dear this will never get old being able to drink in public.

I love Nevada. So we are going to New York New York to ride the roller coaster right there all right. So let’s bring your camera on this thing you are now behind the scenes on the something roller coaster we’re in the very back oh we’re gonna get ripped around look at that moves oh we’re going into the skyscrapers.

I feel a little bit dizzy definitely a quicker, and faster roller coaster expected with bigger drops my camera was not exactly ergonomically designed for roller coasters. So I definitely hit the stop button a couple times it’s not going to be a fluid post. But we gave it our best.

I just saw a Big Bang Theory slot machine. And I reminded me that you know from America the land of opportunities there’s really no reason why there can’t be a Christian travel blog slushy Monday dream big – partners gonna be in the photo hangovers real, and another espresso shot to start the night off alright guys. I decided.

I’m gonna go out tonight tonight’s really my last night in Vegas in a sense. Because tomorrow night although it’s st. Patty’s Day.

And I want to do a big we leave at like 6:00 in the morning, and this is not focused. I am back at my hotel. And I’m gonna get a refresher.

I get a couple of beers get a new camera because. I’m going to one oak tonight time to switch cameras have not blogged in the GoPro in a long long time. But we’re back.

I’m bringing the GoPro tonight it’s a bit more convenient. I’m not actually allowed to film inside of one oak. So basically they were gonna get me to come on kind of like media terms.

But then I’d have to sign papers, and basically it was a headache. So they are kindly inviting me just kind of on a friend one-on-one basis. So I can’t actually film within the club which is why.

I’m bringing this. Because more convenient. And I won’t actually be doing much filming just arrived at the Mirage, and heading into OneNote tonight was an amazing night.

I actually just got back to my place, and the best part of tonight was meeting pitbull. So tonight. I was actually partying in the same area as pitbull was.

So he got into his little booth area he’s actually such a genuine, and kind guy. So it was awesome to meet him, and an overall great night another cool thing is. I actually ended up getting to know to the people who work at 1oak.

And I might be meeting them tomorrow for st. Patrick’s Day. So that will be lots of fun, and one other guy from Australia he became my buddy for the night.

So I actually ended up spending the entire night with him from the moment. I got in line at the club to the moment we left like. I was with him pretty much the entire night.

So I was really cool to have a buddy basically just like me he was going out alone. So instantly we hit it off, and yeah we’ll be meeting up tomorrow as well by the sounds of it tomorrow st. Patrick’s Day, I’ll see you guys in my last day in Vegas before going back to Vancouver.

So see you guys then, and have a good goodbye someone held him onto this dangerously end platform don’t fold them, and just don’t fall just a fall.

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