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Are you looking for tourist destination that offers close look at aqua life, lush forests, scenic spots, active volcano sites, and oceanfront beach? If so, you should definitely consider visiting Hawaii. This destination is perfect for young couples, as well as families who wish to show various aspects of Mother Nature to their kids. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions from Hawaii.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park can prove to be great destination for volcanologists as well as adventure sport lovers. Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, this park is home to Mauna Loa volcano, which is considered the most massive volcano on this planet. It is also home to Kilauea volcano, this one is the most active one on the planet. If you are lucky, you might be able to see lava flowing nearby one of the volcanos at this destionation.

As mentioned earlier, this park also offers great opportunities for individuals who love camping, hiking, trekking, short walks, and other adventure sports. More than three million tourists visit this attraction every year.

Waipio Valley

Wish to sit with your loved one right next to waterfall, surrounded by farms? This is what Waipio Valley offers to tourists. It is home to Hawaii’s most scenic spots, and is popular because of its religious and political landmarks. In order to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the valley; it is advisable to opt of special vehicle valley tour offered by local guides. You can also enjoy several adventure sports including horse riding while in this area.

Waipio Valley is perfect for those who wish to spend hours on farmland surrounded by picturesque cliffs, and waterfalls. It has also managed to enter the list of best romantic getaways in the US.


Waikiki is situated next to Honolulu, in the state of Hawaii. The area is famous due to its beautiful beaches, zoo, parks, and picturesque surroundings. This neighborhood is so beautiful that it would force you to stay more, and to extend your vacation. If you wish to spend some wonderful time with your loved one, you should definitely visit Honolulu Zoo, and Kapiolani Park. WaikÄ«kÄ«’s white and sandy Beach is probably the best one in Hawaii. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay offers swimming and snorkeling opportunities for visitors. Its calm shallow water and ample fish population makes it Hawaii’s best destination for snorkeling. There are several caves and crevices; you can spend some lovely moments inside these caves with your love.

This tourist destination is located at Oahu’s eastern side, and only 3000 visitors are allowed to visit it every day in order to control the tourist activity’s impact on ecosystem.

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial is Hawaii’s most important tourist destination. In fact, those interested in history consider this destination as one of the best in the United States. Around two million visitors visit Pearl Harbor-based USS Arizona Memorial. This shows how and why the US entered World War 2. If you wish to see the entire center, make sure that you allot several hours for visiting this destination.

Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast offers swift flowing streams, waterfalls, narrow valleys, sea beach, and wonderful camping sites. Its stonewalled terraces would force you to keep your camera in your hand and capture picturesque surroundings. Camping requires permit that can be acquired easily. You can reach this destination with helicopter or via ocean with paddleboard, kayak.

Fresh fish, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, and other fruits would definitely prompt you to taste some at one of the food stalls.

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