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Hey guys it is day three of blogging Vancity Spadina cafe there’s about a 25-minute wait right now that’s how popular it is. But we will come back in just a sec alright guys. So this is Granville Street, and this is the road.

I used to walk every day to get to work my office was right there, and all the clubs bars restaurants not all of them. But like the more mainstream ones are down here on Granville Street is. So awesome have a good day bye yeah see you thank you of all the people that.

I’ve met that have watched my posts that is my favorite moment to date. I just had one of the most awesome people stop his bus to say hi oh that made my morning look at this massive line in front of cafe Medina. So we’re finally up we’re gonna go in guys this is Aneta you guys should check out our Instagram right here check it out just as we were waiting in line we saw Ned n Annette.

Granville Street Photo Gallery

I went to school with us, and she is an incredibly talented photographer check out our Instagram guys you can order to love in their latte look at this but. I’m very impressed like this is very good if you’re coming to downtown Vancouver this is one thing that you must do rent a bike, and bike the seawall you’re getting a tandem bicycle from Bayshore cycles check this thing out that is ride goals for sure we also have a special guest for the big ride Roger what’s going on if you guys watch the blog where we went to Pemberton the music festival use the my paws elf quotes when we were hanging out at the concert, and we immediately hit it off, and he took us back to have your bag little bee reactions yeah. So today he’s gonna be joining us for the ride let’s go this is one small step for man the key is to lean together.

I guess oh goodness thank you so much this is very challenging actually a lot harder than. I expected thank you when you’re back here it’s like a fishtail Abby being a bit unsteady at the plant.

I’m feeling it how’s your bike going Roger it’s so good so much better there’s no better way to test your relationship than going on a tandem bike get on the right lane hop we’re gonna pop a wheelie.

And I have to say tandem wheelie yeah that’s it oh that wasn’t that was not dude. So this here is the beginning of the seawall, and this runs around all of Vancouver all the way to the opposite side are you peddling yeah clumsy tendons coming through waiting Roger freedom all buddy loving life right now yeah this is nice how many people are sitting in those buildings right now just like just hammering away at a keyboard we’re out here just lovin life. I know that used to be me except.

I didn’t have a view of the ocean that would have been nice actually would’ve been Saturn like looking out like hmm what might be like being on the seawall right. I almost just failed there. I’m not gonna lie whoa have you ever done a wheelie no hurt my entire life this is it freedom is gonna fly backwards a normal person would rush to their friend to make sure they’re okay me.

I’m like get the blog camera on don’t worry. I’m good. I’m good you tried to soar a little too high there Roger oh no oh look at that helicopter that’d be.

So much fun this is what Vancouver is known for it’s got that work-life balance. So they can go kayaking they can take out the boat they can go biking hiking like within 30 minutes of being outside of Vancouver. So it’s a pretty cool city to live in.

But one thing. I’ve neglected throw the series is that Vancouver being. So beautiful it’s an extremely desirable place to live, and property values are some of the highest in the entire world.

So not cheap to come here. But you can see why right over there is the Lions Gate Bridge, and that’s where we spent yesterday all on that side of Vancouver you guys haven’t seen that blog already link down below check it out it was really good it almost is worse back here yeah hey guys you have no control. So.

So Canadian yeah who’s re lorry backed into a tree in Montreal she apologized it to the tree yeah soothe that woman just literally drove by, and with no one in her way it she’s like sorry guys this is it what more can you ask for beautiful day beautiful activity in a beautiful city. I swear to god it’s not sweat it’s not sweat it’s a hug the big wet dude yeah yeah it’ll check out his my blog blog it’s just starting just starting, and expect big big things are coming big things next year travel blogs guys inspiration love Abby, and Christian yes awesome let’s do that again yeah, I’ll do that never heard that before okay hop on guys just got back to the Burrard hotel we’re checking out it’s been an amazing two nights strongly recommend you take a look at the Brower hotel. I am beyond excited for this next part this is the cream of the crop Vancouver experience this is the cherry on top of all of logging Vancity my heart’s beating really quick.

I’m. So excited you did yourself nice to meet you that’s me that’s like a tangible are you our pilot for the day. So sky helicopters is gonna be showing us Vancouver like it’s meant to be seen we’re gonna fly over downtown, and then we got a nice little treat after my headset there feel free to speak in, and out.

I can’t hear you yeah you don’t don’t you. But used to be a flow plane that came in, and out of here that is one of the top 10 things in my entire life. I did a flight over the Grand Canyon, and it had nothing on this like this is much more beautiful you’re going over.

So many different colors, and different textures. And I want to get a nice shot about waterfall there touching Holden but I seriously cannot get over what’s going on right now we are in one of the most beautiful places the entire world right behind me is some crystal blue glacier water the only way to get to where we are right now is by a float plane or a helicopter do bears, and a mountain goat it’s like what like we are getting.

So much more than we bargained for smile, and and we’re just having the best time like this is one of the top ten things in my entire life maybe even the top five yeah it’s insane – the heads keep track of your tops. But this is yeah incredible just one fly let’s fly – that’s the only downside. But sky helicopters is the reason we’re here right now, and just.

So worth it yeah look. I thought would y’all look at it oh just have a look right there oh yeah nature or should. I say nature.

I’m not promising anything. I don’t know how long, I’ll stay into the glacier water. But give it a crack doctor use warmer than.

I accepted well the cold like a hot tub you just gotta go for it all right boys this one’s for the views there’s getting some shrinkage kill alive how you do it Laurie you’re next no. I’m good finally you thought about you. So we’re on top of a mountain right now we are on top of the world Vancouver is nowhere to be seen which way is that Coover.

So oh it is to be seen there it is Oh what you call a perfect day Thank You ver yeah could not have asked for any more absolutely Josh thank you so much guy helicopters everyone that was. So cool hahaha.

I can’t get it up you know. I don’t know to myself now that was the coolest thing. I’ve ever done like hands down yeah life only goes down from here guy helicopters that should be the thing that’s.

So funny there is no better city in the entire world to do a helicopter tour for like where else can you get a cool downtown side, and then all of a sudden within like 15 minutes be up in beautiful wild mountains seeing wildlife seeing the bluest water you’ve ever seen we are now showing you guys Vancouver’s premium shopping area this is called Robson Street. I just know that look we’re going to show you guys place that we really like to go grab dinner every now, and then when we’re downtown Vancouver it is mid-range price. But great food you we have one more stop for you on our jam-packed day, and this place has been internationally recognized as the best place to get all right here we are that was Abby’s joke hey Bella gelateria old-world handcrafted gelato you get three samples, and for good reasons you look at all these flavors Cheers this one is Madagascar vanilla yeah really good we got salted caramel, and Thai coconut if you made it this part of the post guys leave it a big thumbs up share it with your friends come to Vancouver cheer woody Vancouver friends, and how could.

I guys let’s get lost again to mops alright guys we are almost at the lick output Christian.

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