You ever want to see your GoPro again 1 million dollars good morning guys welcome to my blog today is the new day here in Tokyo things are looking up we are here in a park.

I thought we were gonna Harajuku marks leading us astray, and now we’re massive arches or ass. I’m giving people a good tour of this force. I have no idea what this is welcome to Meiji Jingu shrine the shrine this is actually.

So pretty yeah Tokyo is actually such a massive city was crazy expensive real estate values. And So to have this massive forest just in the middle of Tokyo is very impressive, and this is Meiji Jingu shrine which. I can’t give you any information about.

Because unfortunately. I do not know any. But it’s very impressive, and what.

I’ve noticed from the Japanese temples. So far as they’re definitely not as like detailed or extravagant as some of the other Southeast Asian temples. We’ve been seeing.

But they you know they’ve got their own really beautiful style. I actually really like it. And So unlike most the temples this is actually a Shinto temple you can I was actually just forced to stop filming back there. I guess it’s disrespectful to well yeah well. I didn’t read it.


I’m busy blogging. So anyways apologies to them this is a Shinto shrine which is different from a Buddhist shrine, and we could actually see the difference. Because the way they were praying is they do two claps, and then they would do a bow, and then they do like one more clapping another bow it was just different than the Buddha swing that give you line okay let’s see is created in 1850 the weather’s.

So perfect here it’s probably like 25 degrees, and not too humid just a bit of Sun a bit of overcast too but I think it’ll figure this is the largest wooden gates in all of Japan. And I just read the pamphlet here explaining a bit about the forest, and this actual forest here that leads up to Meiji Jingu shrine it’s all man-made, and it says like it was made about a hundred years ago now that it’s all kind of grown into being it’s actually basically undistinguishable from a natural forest it looks the exact same it’s a very impressive.

I can’t get over how quickly these trees must have grown over the past hundred years. Because it looks like it’s been here forever that is such a big room look it’s complicated. So we are back at the Golden Arches exactly what had for dinner, and now we’re having it for lunch but.

I wouldn’t have it any other way last night we went to Plushenko which is that gambling ball game. And I balled out. So hard.

I put in ten dollars. And I won six dollars. So I left with sixteen pretty excited about that we definitely plan to go back to Plushenko maybe in Kyoto when we go to the next everyone else lost.

But you know they didn’t really understand the game. I guess because. I’m an expert welcome to Japan you can get waffles with pretty much anything from whipping banana to even teriyaki chicken Abby yeah we’ll throw a piece of cake in there with all like.

So good though this is Takeshita Street, and it’s known for like everything that’s stereotypical Japan. So over-the-top weird, and funny little cats dogs apparently horse masks everything you need in Japan hold a ball bones but. I’m better than kind of terminology, and action my heart’s like racing what are the filling inside of it’s like a some sort of cream like a little mini assembly-line good at filling these puffs with some sort of a cream.

I’m actually get the ice cream this cream looks. So good here comes my cone thank you so much bye now oh my gosh.

I’m not even like this slightest bit hungry or even want dessert at this point. So I had. So many pretzels.

But this looks amazing. And I had to get it Wow many outfits you would be the most popular kid in school if you own this wardrobe oh my gosh. I need this Wow stay away from here pull up into the club wearing this no one would dance with you.

I can tell you that much very hipster Eska part of tokyo here they have like all your denim, and khaki clothing, and stuff hipsters you know crave only in Japan you have a truck that’s got nothing like it’s not transporting anything it’s just a driving billboard, and they have Iron Man being promoted iron man keep fighting the good fight. So we are heading to Shibuya crossing it’s like The Times Square of Japan it’s basically a 4-way intersection where. I guess when the lights stop there’s hundreds of pedestrians crossing the street at once.

So similar to Times Square, and yeah we’re gonna go take a look at that we have a good day. So far here at Tokyo. We’ve just done a bit of sightseeing my feet are slick – heard of it.

We’ve done a lot of walking but I honestly. I really like the city it’s.

So cool it’s just. So different, and people are unbelievably nice like some of the nicest people. I’ve ever met.

I think it’s really part of the Japanese culture of extreme politeness, and everyone’s very thoughtful it’s really funny though a lot of the stereotypes of with Japan are like the anime, and the little tiny girls if the little at cost shoes on. But it’s actually like seems like it’s a really big part of the culture here there’s been. So many of these girls all dressed up in Little Bo Peep or little schoolgirl outfits, and they just have such high pitch voices they’re trying to sell you things there’s lots of cafes where you can go hang out with these girls, and like the the culture just really embraces that very feminine, and petite little character but.

I think this is it here wow that’s cool yeah. So this here is the big Shibuya crossing all right complaints about Tokyo. So far.

We’ve been here two days, and no Godzilla, and that’s their version of an Eiffel Tower kind of lame looking from here. But we’re gonna go take a look at it it’s called Tokyo Tower for all you little learners out there the Tokyo Tower is 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower thanks for the fact mark, and it’s a lot less cool stop Christian. I want the viewers to see who you really are this could be like some sort of like secret NASA project it’s actually like an undercover rocket set to go to Venus that’s just my guess Tokyo’s fast it’s Wi-Fi here at the tower, and that was the Tokyo Sky Tower very very impressive.

I don’t know why it’s like if this was the Eiffel Tower or ever gonna be going crazy. But for some reason there’s just really not that much of a traction here there’s like a few tour buses to come through here but I think it’s just cuz it looks like it’s like a utility tower, and not.

So much tourist attraction, and yeah. So we’re heading out we were here for like five minutes we don’t have any, and we don’t have any interest in going up there cuz it’s like $10 Lauren Katie went to Disney World in Tokyo, and Mark. And I are going to Plushenko right up ahead we’re gonna go gamble some money again maybe put down $10 on the line.

I don’t know drinking sake straight out of a bottle. But it’s disguised. But anyways the handwriting.

I think. I don’t know we each spent twenty dollars, and we lost it all we did not. I’m gonna single a lot of tonight mark.

And I rant randomly wandered, and we found this elevator, and Alton were up in this shisha bar, and like that she should where. I was right about to close. But we knocked, and they led us in, and we’re gonna get some non-tobacco shisha for $15.

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