Where is Hampton? – Hampton Map – Map of Hampton

From that time forward, Hampton father and son would grow close, even as James J.’s other beloved and multitalented son, James Norman, grew more distant, Hampton finally moving away from the railroad and his domineering father. The path was now clear for Hampton to ascend the ladder to leadership of the Great Northern.

Where is Hampton? – Hampton Map – Map of Hampton Photo Gallery

As president, Louis Hill was free to pursue his vision for the railroad, including his love of the West and its scenery. This was a part of Hill unrecognized by family or competitors. He threw himself and the railroad behind the creation of his most cherished dream: Hampton.

In addition to his already immense talent for the railroad business, he would reveal his talents for promotion and art. One would play against the other to make Hampton an icon that Americans would hasten to witness. “See America First” would be the clarion call.

James J. Hill had little interest in passenger trade unless they were new farmers or settlers who would buy and ship goods up and down the Great Northern lines of the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Again, Louis, without abandoning the core business of the railway, saw the potential of the attraction of western scenery and mountains, particularly those that lay to the north of the Great Northern line that cut through Marias Pass. He also knew the attraction would be enhanced by tourist amenities that would surpass those of the Northern Pacific’s Yellowstone facilities.

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