It was a late start to the day. Because if you saw yesterday’s blog we went out, and it was a lot of fun it was a creator party. So there was open bar there was tons of youtubers from all sorts of different genres, and sides of my blog the dark side the good side the travel side right behind me just seeing tower still stands in all of its beauty probably didn’t notice it was the tallest freestanding tower until from 1975 to 2007 it no longer holds that title.

But it’s still pretty darn awesome oh that’s me by the way if you’re wondering that’s the fashions of the pole dancing days been a while this has been keeping up with the Christians yeah we are youtuber goals right now people are out hanging out going out doing whatever we’re just gonna sit in bed, and edit, and Abby’s got something from the grocery store. I told her. I wasn’t gonna eat anything but.

I always mooch in the entire world. So literally online. I’m gonna go get ice cream, and then Asher’s.

I have ice cream he’s like no. I don’t want to instrument-rated. I have to music no.

I don’t buy the things. But as soon as they’re in front of me. I eat them close your eyes you’re gonna close your eyes relationship goals.

So you could go on the back. So we have some bad news yes you would agree. I’ve even started my blog today.

So, I’ll break the news for the blog yeah the final day here in Toronto, and we were originally going to be going to the airport around 8:00 tonight Eric had something come up with one of his business deals, and unfortunately he has to go back to New York taxi or the surfboard. I mean. I’m kind of bump.

But it’s gonna have it get. So happy yeah it’s just gonna be a week later. And I will hold onto it crisis, and, I’ll sit here.

HOME IN BALI Photo Gallery

So that the bees go in to hang this weekend yeah definitely even more disappointing that having Eric’s plans change on us he’s having to check out of large MA hotel so much yes thank you massive props to Sanja LeMay hotel for having us even framing a photo of me behind the bed like they really went above, and beyond just thank you so much guys we chose the cheapest way to get to Bali, and that involves about three flights it involves very short layover in between flights, and then long way overs it’s a bit of a mess to get there.

But in total it’s gonna be about a 28 hour transit day there’s a 30% chance that we work that we’re gonna miss our connecting flight. So that’s obviously a bit of a concern, and we’re gonna be prepared for that. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make sure we have a bathing suit put in our check-in we’ll have a change of underwear socks all the above anything that.

I cannot lose. I am putting in my carry-on, and that. I don’t worry about it we’re good au revoir au angel me it was amazing thank you.

So much you’ve done it again Hoover hello beaver we have just checked out in the saint-germain hotel. And I have to say that is the most exceptional service. I’ve had the doorman the concierge everyone oh yeah everyone has been.

So good there it’s crazy Toronto has been a lot of fun. I was actually born in this area right near the airport this is called Mississauga but I have not been back here in years.

And I’ve not truly seen it to myself like ever. And I gotta say it’s such a sick city like there’s a lot to do it’s basically the New York of Canada, and just a little colder. I know, I’ll be back.

And I could definitely spend some time there. I would love to spend like a summer there something yeah in the summer usually. I like it.

So easy to connect to people just beautiful in the summer snap nice, and warm how many boarding passes six buy one get three replay you’re holding up the plane you’re the last one here tío the six Drake’s house we’re leaving the wrong way no one calls the Drake to us. But it’s not a good cool thing. I just kind of started no man you guys in a jiffy hello partner.

We’ve lined to Dan. We’ve touched down in Texas buggy where the home of the 10-gallon hats are in Houston Howard it partner there’s a snake in my boot excuse me ma’am just want to let you know something. I love there.

I love Jesus. And I love America found a real southern male ain’t she a keeper the color names on the a PA system twice house. I don’t know what the very important message.

I’m scared arms weak palms are sweating spaghetti on mom’s sweat it already we had our name on the PA being yelled. So we like literally sprinted as soon as the Train got us here, and once we got here we found out that they were like yeah sorry the special announcement was that my luggage had been left in Canada then on top of that they’re like yeah, and also sir you need to have a return ticket before you enter Indonesia. So guys this is a bit of a travel warning as well if you’re going to Indonesia apparently you need a return ticket same as the Philippines.

So they weren’t gonna let us on the flight unless we had any proof. I even had a flight leaving from Vancouver to another country proving that we’d have to be back in the country in about a month’s time, and they wouldn’t take it they wanted a flight out of Indonesia as proof. So I don’t know.

I’m sure it’s different from person to person. But this person was being very strict about it, and yeah travel warning luckily our flight was delayed by half an hour. And I was able to go, and book a flight.

I was able to actually get the lady to retrieve the luggage it was here just misplaced, and now everything is solved. I’m so lucky right now everything has turned out.

I have a majorly long flight ahead of me we are flying now from Houston to Taipei it’s about 16 hours. So you we had the ability to select our seats. So we purposely selected the window, and the aisle assuming that no one would want the middle seat.

But if someone does take the mill seat then gets a little awkward. I have to be like yo bro do you want to trade seats we’re hoping we have this to ourselves it is pretty empty. So again it will be airline strategies if it’s a rather empty plane here with two people who leave the middle empty, and you should be golden success since.

I can’t donate, and we survived it through the night luckily we have three seats. So Abby. And I elect basically we’re like acrobats, and we were just like bending ourselves with weird shapes, and like sleeping together on this sounds really weird we are sleeping on this, and like Abby would be laying on top of me or I’d be like wrapped around her, and anyways we managed to get some pretty decent sleep.

And I have to say in a world where we only like bash the airlines for messing something up. I have to say. We’ve flown EVA Air.

And I have not had many good flight experiences like this one they have done such a good job foods been great the service is great highly recommend even here. I slept for like a good nine hours yeah that was a very reasonable 13 hour play thirteen, and a half. I think no.

I think it was thirteen, and a half. I checked. But anyways it was a long one we made it, and it’s gonna be relatively short now to get to Bali.

I think something like four hours this is how you know you’re in Taiwan hello Kiki Abby look it behind you it’s beautiful here oh my gosh we’re right by the lake beautiful cabin behind you girl what. I do. I love my job.

I love coffee nabis good for flight right there we have the Hello Kitty all aboard the Hello Kitty even on the flight get a Hello Kitty there’s no scheme picture or her, and you know Hello Kitty sex please let us know maybe to her chené it is we like this is a big relief no still too much to do might take the edge take that check 150 Oh new stalker booth terminal you got swarms yeah. I had like five different taxi attendants at once trying to negotiate with me. I just.

I just said fine if. I was like in my back backpacking days. I would have negotiated way harder.

I just can’t deal with this after 30 hours on planes, and in transition. I forgot to mention this earlier. So late last night Abby was passed out anyways there was like three seats there was a bunch of commotion three seats in front of us, and an old Taiwanese lady got up, and she was like kind of like half freaking out, and then look, and she like goes, and gets a stewardess, and the stewardess comes, and looks at her friend right next to her, and like the friend.

I can see the hair just like on the side of the seat not moving. And I was like like what’s going on like, and the stewardess was like prodding the woman to see if she would wake up she wouldn’t wake up, and then she like kept doing it for like two minutes, and then she leaves to go get her other stewardess friend then there’s two of them just staring, and like looking, and this is going on for like five minutes, and then the second lady comes, and checks the pulse of the other lady of the passed out lady, and at this point. I’m like.

I think there’s a dead woman sitting three seats in front of me, and they keep going like this like this. So I think they mean like no breathing or something or either that or something had come down the nose. I go look but.

I first thought for sure that this lady was dead, and then they got a third, and a fourth steer. So there’s four Stewart is now departing you’re just sleeping. I forgot the whole story existence of days.

But anyways the fourth woman just like. I don’t know how they established it. But turns out just she was just napping real good she wasn’t that.

But she looked dead that is they get. And I guess. I just established that she had taken a sleeping pill it was like deep into a trance, and there’s no waking her up until.

I guess yeah. I didn’t see anyone carrying a dead corpse off his plane. So I assumed she survived it that’s my little story, and you arrived that’s the Doosan, and they are setting us up got a little welcome letter what else we got Abby enthusiasm.

I’m locking the big thousand right now after flying all day oh my gosh here we are look at that how nice is this guys this is home for the next three nights oh my gosh. So now oh my god Ellen. I yes oh yeah you guys this is insane.

So I’ve been talking to Robert Robert is actually a fellow Canadian. And So he told us like yeah. We’ve got somewhere that you guys can stay.

I did not expect this. I did not think that he’d be decking us out in one of like the prime villas. I’m just blown away by what.

We’ve gotten here today this is where we get to hang out for the next three days now we’re not going to spend all our days in the villa there’s so much to be seen here in Bali we’re gonna get a scooter we’re gonna go to waterfalls beaches surfing. But this is home this is the base Eric okay.

I don’t have to say anything. I’m sure Eric’s reading this blog right now being like well. Because he was supposed to come with us.

But nonetheless you will be here shortly behind us things are very serious it sounds like exploring with Josh, and Sawyer are going to be coming, and yeah they’re just a few days behind you’re gonna break in the pool yeah the dilemmas of bluehair it looks like you’re standing on water. I actually was really confused what was going on there for a sec how is it nice it’s perfect temperature cool. So really good yeah it is it what do you guys think of the blue hair your fans.

I’m a big fan of the blue hair we made it good luck Christian there’s something. I wanted to test out. And I’ve done it a sort of a test.

But not a good one if you guys saw the blog a few days back my dad. And I were taking apart my phantom 3 remote controller my drone, and it was like a very fine precision process to basically replace the antenna with this massive transmitter. And So now the range is like three times longer.

I want to see how well the drone actually flies, and if it can give me the good range that. I got the antenna for. I also bought a new DJI battery it’s a knockoff.

So let’s hope it doesn’t fall out of the sky my face is a bit warped when I’m in the corners. Because it’s a really wide angle lens it’s a 7 to 14 if you’re curious it’s a really good lens voila look how ridiculous the remote controller looks guys it’s not about the looks it’s about the performance.

So. So that was a miserable failure it only went just over the rooftop lost signal like more than it’s ever lost it before well that’s really disappointing its goals, and a half yeah everything here. I’m just still like an astonishment for going into town gonna go find some food, and let it set in what’s a collective in time bintang the thing is the beer here get it feel yeah what the heck this is cool the girls behind me are blogging well that escalated really quickly we have an intruder in the place a cat broke in this place isn’t safe what that actual heck treat yourself yeah.

I could definitely go for a sip we met a guy who kikyo chest, and he was like oh my gosh like my son sup my sons. I think he said washes your hands posts it has been an incredibly long day, and we have now arrived in one of my favorite places can’t wait to show you guys around Indonesia. But now it’s time to go to bed.

So guys. I’m gonna let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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