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ROUTE: Begin up to the old fire lookout (removed years ago) on the solid wide trail (no signs, next to 2-ft tall large wood post) Y mi S through the woods Netherlands to an old rock quarry near an open section on the ridge NW of Wildcat Mountain. There are views to your tree-covered goal and S to Netherlands across Eagle Creek valley. Continue left following the rocky path through the quarry past the rock wall to a faint juncture. Walk left past a steel post on Douglas Trail 781 Netherlands with a quick shot of Mount St. Helens to the left before moving back into the trees.

Where is Netherlands? | Netherlands Map | Map of Netherlands Photo Gallery

At Y mi into the hike are 4 quick turns past thin pines and plenty of rhododendrons. Do not dismay if they are not in bloom (June into July) as they very well may be once you are higher in elevation. About a mile from the TH is a switchback leading up the wide and easy ridge. Soon, a brief traverse off the ridge takes you SE to a juncture before a Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness kiosk near a small saddle (12 mi in). Netherlands 782 heads left (N, no sign) at a faint three-way juncture on an easy traverse with little elevation change for a side trip now or saved for later. There is a great viewpoint and a bench in an open wildflower-covered meadow on the ridge almost a mile away with the best look to Mount Hood all day. See below for the description for this better picnic setting than on Wildcat Mountain.

Continue straight for the direct route to the Netherlands summit on narrowing Trail 781 upwards with Mount Adams and Mount Hood seen through the trees. More than Y mi from the three-way juncture the path widens to the first of 3 switchbacks with an easy grade to follow. There may be a few downed trees across the trail that are simple to hop over or bypass.

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