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All right today’s finally the day that. I will get out of this outfit.

I am going to the laundromat right now points like a coin slot laundry. I’m gonna get all my shoes clean not my clothing cleaned, and finally get rid of the foul stench that has been coming out of my bag they’ve already been a late start to the day it’s about almost 2 o’clock here. I’ve been feeling a little bit sick.

I’m like can definitely feel it in my glands, and like. I’m feeling exhausted all the time. So I didn’t really feel like going out, and doing tours today Katie, and Marc went, and did the big castle here in Osaka, and it’s actually a really cool castle almost looks like a European one.

And So they’re doing that their guide is like 150 per person. So I wasn’t down to spend that kind of money you could do it without a guide. But again.

I was marched, and sleeping. So late start. But today will be fun we’re gonna go out tonight like explore Oh sock a little more last night was.

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So cool like Osaka had better nightlife than Tokyo did from what. I saw Osaka has so much to do with see here the restaurants are endless, and the streets just keep going, and going with like neon lights it’s really cool my time here, and as well as overseas is almost coming to an end.

I’ve got a total of two full days left, and then. I go back to Canada going to Toronto the biggest city in Canada, and yeah. I’ve got some family up there Abby.

And I are just gonna do some shopping do some sightseeing all the above. So I’m really excited for that it’ll be nice to get back to Canada as much as. I’ve loved traveling.

I’m definitely at the point where. I’m not appreciating the sit the way. I’m not appreciating things the same way.

So sightseeing just doesn’t get me excited like it used to seeing new cultures is becoming a bit of a no. I don’t want to say chore. But it’s just not exciting me the same way as used to, and that’s definitely a good sign that it’s time to go home, and go back to my comfort zone.

And I do miss Canada. I love that place, and traveling overseas has really showed me how much. I really do love that country.

So super excited to get back, and yeah. But two more days fun here in Japan. And I think we’ll have a couple nights of going out.

So I’m pretty excited for that this is the first time. We’ve had to actually do our own laundry. Because all of Southeast Asia is.

So cheap you just give it to someone they do it for like five dollars right here in Japan we’re gonna do it ourselves. But it’s pretty convenient really nice the dryers made for like Mammoth’s clothing it’s so big, and yes it’s always food.

I agree after having the worst sleep ever last night. I called front desk, and got us some blankets. So we can sleep on the ground like princes, and queen Abby turn around show everyone how squad goals you are so laura is looking on point for the first time in months just kidding, and we are back here in the busy part of Osaka where all the nightlife starts, and it’s kind of bummer not as busy as the other night stuff will be bumping tonight. I can feel again the beautiful mechanical crab we don’t know what that guy’s doing. But apparently he’s been here for an hour just clapping those two pieces went together no idea everything here is lit it’s.

So cool. I wish we had this kind of vibe back home it’s actually really fun to oak. So we’re doing dinner here at the ramen house, and Japan’s actually ahead of Canada, and the rest of the world in some areas, and you can actually look at here, and then there’s a corresponding number, and you can actually use this vending machine to pay for your meal.

So I chose number four. So you put 850 or more in you get your little small token. So you get after you’ve chosen your meal it sends you a little ticket which tells the chef that you pay for email, and you change back it’s really cool life Abby.

And I mark, and Katie they all lost tonight Pacheco. I was like literally down to zero yeah go on. I was actually at zero dollars.

I had like two balls left, and then Abby gave me probably like 15 20 balls. Because she had one, and then. I won with those lost balls.

And I actually won back basically my money plus another $5, and then. I lost it all again. So you know fool me once Pacheco shame on you fool me twice shame on me goodbye to my money it’s my pride, I’ll never forget you we are in osaka’s biggest shisha bar, and it is bumpin just kidding it’s one table.

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